Top 10 Project Management and Collaboration software

September 10, 2023 | Editor: Adam Levine

Project management services and software enable planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals in scientific projects.
Asana is the shared task list for your team, where you can plan, organize & stay in sync on everything.As fast as a text editor. Plenty of keyboard shortcuts, fewer page loads and mouse clicks. Asana is one app that won't get in your way.
Get organized as fast as you can think. The easy-to-use interface takes no time to learn, and every action is instantaneous, so there’s nothing standing between you and your sweet productive flow. Trello is great alone, but even better with others. Get the whole group onboard in seconds. See their updates in real time.
3 is an intuitive team management platform for effective teamwork. Teams use to plan, organize and track their work in one visual, collaborative space.
ClickUp is a productivity platform that provides a fundamentally new way to work. More than just task management - ClickUp offers notes, reminders, goals, projects, and time.
Smartsheet is an online project management and crowdsourcing tool. It allows owners of information to comprehensively involve contributors through authenticated access, publicly-accessible published sheets, or via embeddable survey forms. Functionality is focused on the ability to organize, share, and update tasks and files.
Microsoft Project is a project management software program developed and sold by Microsoft which is designed to assist project managers in developing plans, assigning resources to tasks, tracking progress, managing budgets and analyzing workloads. The application creates critical path schedules, and critical chain and event chain methodology third-party add-ons are also available. Schedules can be resource leveled, and chains are visualized in a Gantt chart.
Juggling multiple projects? Wrike makes it easy and efficient for you. It lets you easily adjust plans on the Gantt chart, optimize schedules in the workload view, create custom reports, track time and much more — all with a few mouse clicks.
Planner makes it easy for your team to create new plans, organize and assign tasks, share files, chat about what you’re working on, and get updates on progress.
Basecamp tackles project management with a focus on communication and collaboration. Making to-do lists and adding to-do items literally just takes seconds. Basecamp is optimized to make the things you do most often really fast and really easy. Basecamp mobile is especially made for popular mobile devices like iPhone and Android.
Open source project management software. Efficient classic, agile or hybrid project management in a secure environment.
Zoho Projects is an online project management software with collaboration and bug tracking that allows project teams to collaborate and get work done faster. Planning and Tracking helps you keep your project on schedule. Collaboration helps improve the communication within the team. And the Bug Tracking module allows you to track the bugs that software projects are bound to generate and fix all bugs in time.
Teamwork was created because we needed a better way to run our own business and existing software was either too basic or too confusing. Teamwork is practical software that gets you organised so that you can reduce unnecessary meetings and simply Get Things Done. By using, your team will be organised, your clients will be impressed and your business will take off.
Celoxis is a web based project management system, ideal for small teams and small projects to large multimillion dollar enterprise projects. Enterprise project management software that simplifies management of your projects, timesheets and business processes.
Workamajig is advertising agency software and project management software specifically designed for the creative firm. Workamajig streamlines your entire creative business, from developing new business, to staffing, managing, and executing projects, all the way through to accounting and financial reporting.
LiquidPlanner is online project management tool you need to organize hundreds of projects and thousands of tasks with ease. Simple building blocks enable you to set up a workspace that reflects your organization's style and process. Work in traditional waterfall fashion, contemporary agile methodologies, or just run a lean ad-hoc process. LiquidPlanner can handle it all.
Planning and Tracking for Agile Teams. Deliver the right products on time, and always stay ready for change.
WorkZone provides easy, web-based document sharing and project management. Organize team projects, speed decisions, and enhance your client relationships. Access projects and documents 24 hours a day from anywhere you have an Internet connection.
Kanbanchi is a free online software tool for task management, project management, and team collaboration. Visual kanban board with the simple drag-and-drop interface helps you focus on what matters most – your tasks.
Improve company productivity with Redbooth collaboration. Work in real time, manage projects, increase accountability, and protect company knowledge. Easily organize teams and projects to ensure visibility and accountability, enabling your team to get more accomplished. Instantly see progress and milestones with our workload view, milestone calendar and streamlined Gantt charting. Easily share, find and work on current documents.
Flow’s flexible team project management software is designed for any project or workflow. Plan ahead, set priorities and track projects from start to finish. From simple checklists to kanban boards, we’ve got you covered.
All-in-one work software. You start from creating workspaces - Intranet, Client Extranet, CRM or specific projects. Then pick apps for each workspace: issues, sales leads, deals, vacations, documents approvals, wiki, help desk, time tracking, meetings, events, invoices - or create your own app.
ProWorkflow, is a Project Task and Time Tracking Solution, designed to increase business efficiency, and individual accountability. ProWorkflow allows you to manage projects online, automate processes, and access your organization's information anytime.

Latest news about Project Management and Collaboration software

2023. Asana launches new work intelligence tools with AI on the way

Asana has announced a new set of dashboards to give managers the data they need to make sure projects are staying on budget and meeting goals. This involves providing a single view of strategic initiatives, team capacity and budgets. It builds on the graph model that underlies the entire Asana platform, but the company is working to bring artificial intelligence to the process to make it even smarter. The next step will be using AI to generate the portfolios of the things that you care about instantaneously. So having them become smarter and smarter, but the fact that they can be at any level across an entire organization, that is part of this new launch

2021. Microsoft launches Google-Wave-like collaboration service Loop

Microsoft is introducing Microsoft Loop, an app that brings back the essence of Google Wave, the real-time messaging and collaboration platform launched by Google in 2009 and discontinued in 2010. Loop is designed for real-time editing-based applications, enabling users to collaborate on documents seamlessly. It allows teams to have a comprehensive view of their project, facilitating catch-up on individual contributions and tracking progress towards shared objectives. Loop Pages serve as canvases for organizing components and incorporating useful elements such as links, files, or data based on specific project requirements. Additionally, Loop Components can be embedded within pages, documents, or chats, offering features like lists, tables, notes, or even customer sales opportunities from Dynamics 365.

2021. Socratic nabs $3M seed to build data-driven task management system for developers

Socratic, an early-stage startup, has recently secured a $3 million seed investment. The company's primary objective is to introduce data-driven capabilities into a task management system tailored for developers. While the product primarily targets developers and team leads, it also provides engineering executives with valuable insights into their organization's internal workings. Although the software utilizes internal tools to track most of this information, it can greatly benefit from integrating with other work systems. The first integration of this kind is with GitHub, allowing for enhanced connectivity and collaboration.

2021. Atlassian launches Jira Work Management for every team

Atlassian has made an announcement regarding the introduction of a new edition of its project management tool, Jira, called Jira Work Management. The company has been actively expanding Jira's reach beyond its origins in software development teams. While Jira Service Management has successfully catered to IT teams, Jira Core has also made progress in this direction. However, Jira Work Management takes this a step further and is positioned to replace Jira Core. The objective behind Jira Work Management is to provide a version of Jira that empowers teams in various domains such as marketing, HR, finance, design, and more to efficiently manage their work. Moreover, if required, these teams can seamlessly connect their work with that of a company's development teams.

2021. Trello is redesigning its project management platform for a remote work future

Productivity app Trello, known for its virtual whiteboard-style platform designed for project organization and management, has unveiled a significant redesign and introduced new features to assist businesses in managing third-party integrations. The platform's visual elements, including the logo and illustrations displayed on its website and apps, have undergone a revamp. Moreover, Trello now offers enhanced customization options for cards and alternative ways to view workloads, expanding beyond the traditional whiteboard column view. The introduction of mirror cards and link cards aims to simplify the management of other applications and services within Trello. Additionally, Trello has introduced five new board views, deviating from its iconic column layout that has gained widespread popularity.

2021. Citrix is acquiring Wrike for $2.25B

Citrix, a company known for its network security and desktop virtualization software tools, is looking to expand its presence in the collaboration space through the acquisition of work management platform provider Wrike. The deal, valued at over $2 billion, aims to enhance Citrix's offerings in the digital work management domain. Wrike's platform serves as a comprehensive tool for tracking project dates, managing dependencies, allocating assignments and resources, as well as monitoring time. Additionally, it offers collaboration features that facilitate conversations, asset creation, and decision-making. Citrix has recently been focusing on its Citrix Workspace, a solution that integrates various collaboration tools. The technology and expertise brought by Wrike are expected to greatly contribute to the advancement of this product.

2020. Wrike launches new AI tools to keep your projects on track

Project management service Wrike has announced a significant platform update during its user conference. The update introduces various AI capabilities aimed at ensuring individual projects stay on track and meet deadlines. Additionally, new solutions have been introduced to cater to the needs of marketers and project management offices in large corporations. With the latest enhancements, Wrike can now predict potential delays and notify project and team leaders of any indications of potential issues. AI-powered task prioritization assists users in identifying the most crucial tasks that require immediate attention, facilitating project progress. Another noteworthy addition is the support for optical character recognition, enabling users to scan printed and handwritten notes from their phones and attach them to specific tasks (available on iOS only). Moreover, voice commands (via Siri on iOS) and smart replies resembling Gmail's functionality (available in English for iOS and Android) have also been introduced.

2020. Tokyo-based collaboration platform BeaTrust lands $2.8M

Tokyo-based BeaTrust has successfully raised a seed round of JPY 300 million (approximately USD $2.83 million) for its enterprise collaboration platform. With an ambitious aim to transform the corporate culture within large Japanese companies, BeaTrust plans to expand its platform to other countries in the future. The platform offered by BeaTrust enables employees in large organizations to connect with colleagues from different departments who share similar interests and skills, providing them with collaborative tools to work together on various projects. It is important to note that the platform is not intended to replace existing enterprise communication tools such as Slack, which was introduced in Japan three years ago, or other tools like Microsoft Teams or ChatWork, but rather to complement and enhance collaboration within the organization.

2020. Productivity platform ClickUp raises $35 million

ClickUp, the startup renowned for its comprehensive task management software, integrated docs and wikis, and inclusive chat functionality, has successfully concluded a Series A funding round, raising $35 million. Additionally, the company has unveiled its latest offering, Remote Work OS, which is a collection of tools designed to provide users with a comprehensive overview of ongoing tasks and how they align with the overarching objectives of the organization. This platform joins a growing array of productivity suites that adopt a bottom-up approach, initially targeting individual teams before expanding across entire companies. With a customer base exceeding 100,000 and a user count in the millions, ClickUp has already been adopted by prominent teams within renowned organizations including Google, Nike, Uber, Airbnb, Netflix, and Ubisoft.

2020. Baton raises $10M Series to organize post-sale implementation projects

Baton, a startup in its early stages, has emerged from stealth with a $10 million Series A investment. The company aims to assist customers in organizing the post-sales implementation process. While project management typically focuses on internal operations, Baton is specifically designed to unite all parties involved, including vendors, clients, and systems integrators, within a single tool. This approach ensures that everyone is aware of their responsibilities and targets.

2020. Zoho Projects gets improved Gantt chart

Zoho has enhanced and revamped the Gantt chart feature within Zoho Projects to offer enhanced capabilities, streamlining the workflow process. Notably, in the updated user interface, unscheduled tasks are conveniently organized under the "unscheduled" tag, preceding the actual timeline. By simply dragging and dropping an unscheduled task onto the timeline, it will be automatically scheduled. Additionally, the new "Full Screen" view enables users to concentrate on crucial yet seemingly minor details by maximizing the utilization of screen space. Moreover, it is now possible to customize the displayed data within the Gantt chart's taskbars, including information such as start/end dates, task owners, overdue status, and task names.

2020. now lets companies build custom apps has recently unveiled version 2.0 of its highly flexible workflow platform, introducing enhanced capabilities for customers to develop custom apps on the Monday platform. With this update, users are provided with a wealth of resources, including over a hundred prebuilt automation recipes and code-free custom automations. Additionally, the release features more than 50 integrations with various applications, empowering project managers to create sophisticated workflows without the need for coding expertise. Whether it's process management, portfolio management, project management, CRM management, hotel management, or R&D management, offers a code-free environment that enables users to leverage these building blocks and craft tailored applications to fulfill the specific needs of any organization or team.

2019. Space - new project management platform for developers

The realm of project management for developers continues to thrive as a popular domain for startups. JetBrains, renowned for creating widely-used developer tools, has introduced a new service called Space. Space offers a comprehensive toolset consolidated into a single platform, encompassing messaging, team and project management, internal blogs, meeting scheduling, and software development processes. With Space, all the necessary data for team collaboration is centralized, while software development tools such as source code management, code review and browsing, continuous integration, delivery and deployment, package repositories, issue tracking, planning tools, and project documentation are seamlessly integrated with communication and identity support.

2019. Microsoft Project becomes user-friendly

Microsoft Project may be renowned as the most famous and legendary project management software, but it can hardly be described as simple and user-friendly, especially when compared to many of the new cloud services available, such as Asana, Basecamp, Trello, or Wrike. Recognizing this, Microsoft has undertaken a massive redesign of the system. As you can observe in the presentation video, the focus is on simplicity, aiming for a user experience so intuitive that even a child could navigate it. However, the developers have also successfully incorporated several new features, including a kanban board, resource management, budget analysis, and time and expense tracking. Furthermore, Microsoft Project is now available as a subscription service, with a cost of $10 per month per user.

2019. Forecast raises $5.5M for its AI-powered project management software

Forecast, a startup hailing from Denmark, recently secured $5.5 million in fresh funding for its project management software, which is infused with artificial intelligence (AI). With this new investment, Forecast's total funding now stands at $10 million. The company positions itself as an AI-driven project management solution that automates labor-intensive project management tasks. Additionally, it enhances project management by providing greater visibility and predictive capabilities. The primary objective is to foster improved collaboration among teams by optimizing workflows and refining planning processes. Forecast leverages its powerful AI to gather and consolidate data from various systems such as Trello, Slack, Gdrive, Githum, and Salesforce. The end result is a human-readable representation of this synthesized information.

2019. Work management platform Asana launches new automation tools

Work management platform Asana has introduced a new feature aimed at streamlining monotonous and repetitive tasks on its platform. Known as Asana Automation, this feature empowers users to create customized "if this then that" rules. To enhance user convenience, the rule builder includes over 70 pre-built and preset rules, while also allowing users to create their own personalized rules. With Asana Automation, customers can automate task routing to specific team members, among other functionalities. Additionally, the updated version incorporates a voice transcription service, an OCR tool, and intelligent smart templates that leverage the platform's machine learning capabilities.

2019. Clubhouse announces new collaboration tool and free version of its project management platform

Clubhouse, the project management platform designed for efficient software development, is making significant strides in its mission to democratize the development process. With a strong emphasis on team collaboration, transparent workflows, and seamless integration, Clubhouse aims to alleviate the challenges commonly faced in software development. By providing comprehensive visibility into task statuses, individual contributions, and overall project plans, Clubhouse empowers teams to work cohesively towards their goals. The platform also offers seamless integration with various development tools and provides an API, enabling users to customize their workflows and enhance cross-functionality. Clubhouse's commitment to simplifying software development makes it an invaluable resource for teams seeking to streamline their processes and maximize productivity.

2019. Workplace collaboration software raised $150M, a rapidly expanding workplace collaboration platform, has recently announced a remarkable $150 million funding round, valuing the company at $1.9 billion. This substantial investment reflects both the platform's current success and the immense potential within the broader collaboration space, particularly in the areas of enhanced team communication and team management. With a customer base now reaching 80,000 organizations, compared to just 35,000 a year ago, serves a diverse range of industries spanning over 200 verticals. Notably, these organizations vary in size, with employee counts ranging from as few as two to as high as 4,000. The impressive clientele includes renowned companies such as Carlsberg, Discovery Channel, Philips, Hulu, WeWork, and numerous Fortune 500 firms. It's worth mentioning that attracts both technical and non-technical companies that rely on software and computers to facilitate their work processes.

2019. Trello limits free version to 10 boards

Trello, the project management tool by Atlassian, is introducing a collection of thirteen new features. While the majority of these additions are reserved for paying users, Trello's free users will also gain access to a few exciting additions. However, as a trade-off, Trello is limiting the ability to create an unlimited number of boards for free Teams users (excluding regular users outside of a team), allowing them to have a maximum of 10 open boards in Trello at any given time. An noteworthy development is that Power-Up Butler, the automation extension for Trello, is now available for free to both paying and free users. This enhancement simplifies the automation of workflows and repetitive tasks within Trello, fulfilling the demands of enterprise users. Additionally, Trello introduces a new board setting, extending beyond private, team, and public options.

2019. Zoho brings Zia AI assistant to its project management app

Zoho's AI-based chatbot, Zia, has now been integrated into Zoho Projects, enabling streamlined activities within the platform. With its conversational interface, Zia provides immediate responses to inquiries regarding tasks, issues, and events modules in Zoho Projects. Additionally, Zia can offer suggestions and recommendations based on your project-related activities. For instance, if you're pressed for time and need to quickly access your upcoming events, you can simply chat with Zia and request, "Zia, list my upcoming events." In response, Zia will promptly provide a list of all your upcoming events. Furthermore, you can ask Zia for task and issue details, such as information on active tasks, task status, task due dates, unassigned tasks, overdue tasks, user details, tasks within a task list, and similar issue-related information. Zia aims to enhance user productivity and efficiency within Zoho Projects by delivering instant and relevant assistance.

2019. Smartsheet acquires Slope to help creatives collaborate

Smartsheet, the renowned project management and collaboration tool, has recently completed the acquisition of Slope, a collaboration tool specifically designed for sharing creative assets. This integration of Slope into the Smartsheet platform empowers users to seamlessly share assets such as videos and photos directly within the application. Moreover, it introduces the functionality to annotate, comment on, or approve these assets. Smartsheet envisions this native integration from a broad enterprise perspective. It facilitates various scenarios, including HR teams sharing training videos, marketing departments exchanging product photos, or construction company employees inspecting a site and collaboratively addressing code violations by sharing annotated photos to highlight the issues at hand.

2018. Work management software provider Asana gets $50M

Asana, a platform utilized by teams and individuals to plan and monitor work projects, has secured an additional $50 million in funding, resulting in a valuation of $1.5 billion. The funding will be allocated towards international expansion and product enhancement. Asana has been actively focusing on global growth, with half of its new sales already originating from outside the United States. The company aims to further extend its product offerings while approaching profitability. As part of its expansion strategy, Asana plans to establish an AWS-based data center in Frankfurt within the first half of the upcoming year. Additionally, it intends to establish a stronger presence in the Asia-Pacific region, with new offices in Sydney and Tokyo, along with ongoing recruitment efforts in both markets. Asana's customer base spans across 195 countries and supports six languages. The company's decision to concentrate on these two regions stems from the significant traction it has observed in those areas.

2018. Asana launched $19.99 Business tier to help managers handle multiple projects

Project management service Asana is introducing a new tier called Asana Business, tailored for enterprises that handle multiple projects. Priced at $19.95 per user per month, this offering is specifically designed to support teams with managers or executives overseeing numerous projects simultaneously, which can sometimes reach thousands within a single organization. Asana Business provides additional features to aid designated individuals in effectively managing and prioritizing their workload. This emphasis on executives and managers aligns with Asana's broader vision of its role within the spectrum of productivity tools used by businesses. Alongside efficient storage solutions like Dropbox or Box and communication platforms such as Slack, Workplace, and Teams, Asana aims to establish its place as a comprehensive tool for enhancing organizational productivity.

2018. Basecamp adds recurring events and image galleries

Project management service Basecamp has introduced several exciting new features. The first addition is Recurring events, allowing users to schedule daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly repeating events within Basecamp 3. Users can choose to set the recurrence until a specific date or continue indefinitely. The second feature is Image galleries, which enables users to showcase their work or share photos in visually appealing side-by-side or three-in-a-row layouts. This enhancement makes it easier than ever to present visual content. Lastly, Basecamp introduces Automatic Check-ins, a simple and informal tool extensively utilized for team communication. The entire company can engage in queries such as sharing weekend activities and work updates, while smaller teams like Support can address specific questions related to common issues encountered during the week. These new features enrich the Basecamp experience, enhancing collaboration and streamlining communication within teams.

2018. Wrike integrates with Microsoft Teams

The project management tool for Office 365, Microsoft Planner, may not have gained significant popularity yet. As a result, integrating the team messenger Microsoft Teams with the well-known project management service Wrike makes perfect sense. This integration offers several benefits. Firstly, it enables companies to utilize single sign-on for user accounts, streamlining the authentication process for Office 365 and Wrike. Secondly, within any Teams chat, users can easily add a Wrike tab that provides access to the desired project, allowing them to interact with task lists and view timelines. Tasks can be shared with the Teams chat for discussions and collaborative efforts. Additionally, Teams chat enables automatic receipt of project notifications from Wrike. Establishing the connection between Wrike and Teams is a straightforward process, requiring just a few clicks within the Teams Store.

2018. Basecamp improves client collaboration

Collaborating with clients in Basecamp has been significantly enhanced, offering an improved experience. The latest updates enable you to effortlessly assign to-dos to clients, share files and folders, schedule events and meetings, engage in Campfire chats, and even automatically ask clients check-in questions. Within a project, all items are now clearly labeled as either "private to our team" or "visible to the client." To avoid any unexpected sharing mishaps and minimize concerns, every item within a project begins as private, accessible only to your team. When you post something new, you have the flexibility to specify whether it should be visible to the client or remain private within your team. These enhancements ensure smoother collaboration and allow for precise control over shared information in Basecamp.

2018. Smartsheet got $1.9 billion valuation after IPO

Upon its debut in the public markets, online project management and crowdsourcing company Smartsheet witnessed a surge in its share prices. Smartsheet concluded at $19.50, representing a 30 percent increase from its initial price of $15, resulting in a market capitalization of $1.9 billion. Although the company recorded net losses in its financial statements, it exhibited robust revenue growth. In its IPO filings, Smartsheet disclosed a substantial user base of 3.6 million, including notable business clients such as Cisco and Starbucks. For the fiscal year 2018, the company generated $111.3 million in revenue. However, similar to many Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, Smartsheet is going public while reporting a loss.

2018. Asana adds AI-powered interactive project maps

Workflow management platform Asana has introduced a new feature called Timeline, offering composite, visual, and interactive maps that illustrate the progress of various projects assigned to team members. This feature provides teams with a broader perspective on their collective workload and visualizes how projects interconnect in a timeline format. Timeline proves valuable in scenarios such as product launches, marketing campaigns, and event planning. Importantly, it does not require duplicating work or using separate software; instead, each project automatically becomes a distinct segment on the team's Timeline. It's worth noting that Timeline is exclusively available to paying users, while free users among Asana's extensive user base will need to upgrade to the premium tier to access this feature.

2018. Asana raised another $75M

Asana, the renowned productivity and collaboration service, has secured a significant $75 million investment in its Series D funding round. In a blog post, Asana highlighted that 45 percent of its 30,000 paying customers are located outside of the United States. Among its notable clientele are prominent names like Tesco, Sky, Danone, Chanel, and Spotify. With this global reach in mind, Asana has announced its plans to introduce Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese versions of its service, following the recent rollout of support for French and German. Including this latest funding, Asana has now successfully raised a total of $168 million from investors. Business Insider reported that the startup's current valuation stands at an impressive $900 million.

2018. Zoho Projects gets enhanced Gantt chart

Zoho has introduced several enhancements to its project management application, Zoho Projects. These upgrades include an advanced Gantt chart that supports all four types of task dependencies, the ability to create custom views for tasks, and much more. The integration with Zoho People allows for the seamless incorporation of vacation or time-off details of team members into Projects, ensuring that tasks or bugs are not delayed when they are unavailable. Additionally, task and bug timers can now be paused and resumed, eliminating the need to restart from the beginning. The integration with Zoho Meeting enables users to conveniently initiate online team meetings by simply clicking "Meet Now" on the Task Details page, facilitating effective communication for clarification, problem-solving, or decision-making. It's worth noting that Zoho had previously launched another project management tool, Zoho Sprints, in October of the previous year.

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