Smartsheet is #5 in Top 10 Project Management software

Smartsheet is an online project management and crowdsourcing tool. It allows owners of information to comprehensively involve contributors through authenticated access, publicly-accessible published sheets, or via embeddable survey forms. Functionality is focused on the ability to organize, share, and update tasks and files.

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#5 in Top 10 Project Management software


The best alternatives to Smartsheet are: Asana, Microsoft Project, Clickup,, Trello, JIRA, Airtable, SharePoint

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2019. Smartsheet acquires Slope to help creatives collaborate

Smartsheet, the renowned project management and collaboration tool, has recently completed the acquisition of Slope, a collaboration tool specifically designed for sharing creative assets. This integration of Slope into the Smartsheet platform empowers users to seamlessly share assets such as videos and photos directly within the application. Moreover, it introduces the functionality to annotate, comment on, or approve these assets. Smartsheet envisions this native integration from a broad enterprise perspective. It facilitates various scenarios, including HR teams sharing training videos, marketing departments exchanging product photos, or construction company employees inspecting a site and collaboratively addressing code violations by sharing annotated photos to highlight the issues at hand.

2018. Smartsheet got $1.9 billion valuation after IPO

Upon its debut in the public markets, online project management and crowdsourcing company Smartsheet witnessed a surge in its share prices. Smartsheet concluded at $19.50, representing a 30 percent increase from its initial price of $15, resulting in a market capitalization of $1.9 billion. Although the company recorded net losses in its financial statements, it exhibited robust revenue growth. In its IPO filings, Smartsheet disclosed a substantial user base of 3.6 million, including notable business clients such as Cisco and Starbucks. For the fiscal year 2018, the company generated $111.3 million in revenue. However, similar to many Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies, Smartsheet is going public while reporting a loss.

2017. Collaboration service Smartsheet gets $52M

The spreadsheet software service, Smartsheet, has recently secured $52 million in funding. With approximately 70,000 businesses currently subscribed to its product, ranging from small and medium-sized businesses to large enterprises, Smartsheet has amassed around 550,000 licensed customers. Additionally, there are "a few million" individuals who utilize the service free of charge. Since its establishment in 2006, Smartsheet has positioned itself as an early entrant in the market, offering an alternative to Google Docs, Excel, and other spreadsheet applications. Its distinctive focus lies in facilitating collaboration among multiple users within these documents, allowing for dynamic utilization and efficient teamwork.

2014. Smartsheet helps companies to visualize their teamwork

The spreadsheet-based project and work management platform, Smartsheet, has introduced new features to enhance companies' understanding of their employees' work processes and provide improved visibility into their operations. The primary objective is to effectively track various projects and the individuals involved within the organization. With the introduction of Smartsheet Account Maps, users can easily identify the key contributors and project leaders within a group, which can be advantageous when requesting a raise. Conversely, it also highlights those who may have limited involvement, which may be less favorable during annual performance evaluations. Additionally, Smartsheet Account Maps enable users to visualize the connections between different groups within the organization. By default, a basic map is made available to all users, facilitating a better understanding of project dynamics and team interactions.

2008. Smartsheet Ships Online Business Bundler for Small Business

Etherpad, a new group productivity app developed by Appjet, has been launched with support from ex-Googlers, Y Combinator, and the founders of Friendfeed, among others. Despite its unattractive interface, Etherpad proves to be an incredibly useful tool. Similar to Google Docs or a wiki, it surpasses them in terms of functionality. To begin, users create a workspace and can freely type text on numbered lines. They can then invite others to join and collaborate in real time, with each user's edits highlighted in a different color. Etherpad's real-time editing capabilities surpass even Google Docs, which updates every fifteen seconds. The application also offers a chat feature in the sidebar, allows users to save versions, and provides options to customize settings such as removing line numbers. Additionally, Etherpad includes an optional feature that highlights JavaScript syntax, making it ideal for collaborative coding. Currently, the website has minimal design elements, but future plans include exporting documents to various formats like text files and Word documents. Premium features, such as controlled access and private URLs, will be offered to businesses for a fee, and a non-hosted version will be available for companies seeking higher security by installing it on their own servers. Etherpad has quickly become a must-use application due to its ability to enhance productivity during phone calls by allowing users to open a workspace and take real-time notes together.

2008. Smartsheet Launches New Version With Enhanced Features

When I first covered the beta version of Smartsheet Task Manager and Project Collaboration service in July, I had reservations about fully adopting it due to certain missing core features. However, with the official launch of V2, I decided to revisit the platform and assess the changes. During this process, I had the opportunity to chat with Brent Frei, the founder and chairman of Smartsheet, who shared insights into the design philosophy and productivity focus of the service. According to Frei, Smartsheet is built on 5 Foundational characteristics that define and guide the user experience, addressing the needs of real users at each phase. One of the most intriguing aspects is their "No Adoption Required" philosophy, aimed at overcoming the challenge of incorporating a project management tool into a team environment. Smartsheet enables contributors to participate without creating an account by utilizing secure live links that allow access and updates via email. This seamless process also extends to file attachments, status updates, threaded discussions, and change management, ensuring transparency and accountability. The platform offers branding and customization options, and a new branded distribution program with customized templates and revenue sharing. These refinements, along with upcoming reporting options, have made Smartsheet a more compelling and accessible option for project and task management. While the spreadsheet metaphor may not suit everyone, Smartsheet's comfort, familiarity, and affordability make it easy to jump in and start working. Pricing plans range from a free 2-sheet Starter Account to higher levels with additional sheets and reporting options, and all plans allow for an unlimited number of users, fostering inclusivity and collaboration.

2008. Smartsheet Offers List Based Project Collaboration

In my ongoing search for the perfect Project Management solution, I recently tested the capabilities of the smartsheet service to determine its suitability. Marketed as an Online Project Collaboration tool, it adopts a familiar spreadsheet-like interface for presenting data, which may appeal to many users. However, I quickly found that smartsheet did not meet the minimum level of functionality I expected from a project management tool, leading me to disqualify it for my purposes. I kept hoping for a moment of revelation where everything would fall into place or hidden menu options would unlock the project management features I sought. While smartsheet does offer enhancements like integrated file uploading and upcoming discussion features, they fall short of providing the comprehensive messaging, task tracking, and deadline management I anticipated from a project management application. For instance, I couldn't find a way to view all tasks assigned to me across different project sheets. I believe the fundamental issue lies in the fact that using a spreadsheet as the foundation for project management is inherently flawed, and building upon enhanced functionality won't change that, regardless of how well it's executed. Smartsheet is not a bad application, and if you insist on using a spreadsheet for this purpose, it can be an improvement. However, I would recommend exploring other project management solutions such as Basecamp, DeskAway, or Joint Contact before making a decision. Smartsheet Version 2, currently in Beta, is an update to their existing Classic service. Free beta accounts are available, but pricing for the post-launch version has not been disclosed yet.

2006. SmartSheet makes project tracking easy, and now it's free.

SmartSheet is a powerful tool designed for tracking group jobs and tasks. It emulates the familiar user interface of a spreadsheet, commonly used for project tracking, but offers features akin to a workflow application. Initially, SmartSheet was considered too expensive, with a price tag of $75 per month for five users, making it inaccessible for small businesses and even some middle managers within larger organizations. However, today marks the release of a free version of SmartSheet. This version allows unlimited users to collaborate on each sheet (project), although there is a limit of 10 projects per user, and attachments are not supported. Paid versions, starting at $25 per month, offer the ability to manage more projects per user and include attachment capabilities. Higher-priced plans provide increased storage capacity and even the option for corporate branding. The system also allows users to save projects as reusable "templates" that can be shared with colleagues and made available to other SmartSheet users.