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Juggling multiple projects? Wrike makes it easy and efficient for you. It lets you easily adjust plans on the Gantt chart, optimize schedules in the workload view, create custom reports, track time and much more — all with a few mouse clicks.

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#7 in Top 10 Project Management software


The best alternatives to Wrike are: Asana, Trello, JIRA, Monday.com, Smartsheet, Clickup, Microsoft Project, Airtable, Notion

Latest news about Wrike

2021. Citrix is acquiring Wrike for $2.25B

Citrix, a company known for its network security and desktop virtualization software tools, is looking to expand its presence in the collaboration space through the acquisition of work management platform provider Wrike. The deal, valued at over $2 billion, aims to enhance Citrix's offerings in the digital work management domain. Wrike's platform serves as a comprehensive tool for tracking project dates, managing dependencies, allocating assignments and resources, as well as monitoring time. Additionally, it offers collaboration features that facilitate conversations, asset creation, and decision-making. Citrix has recently been focusing on its Citrix Workspace, a solution that integrates various collaboration tools. The technology and expertise brought by Wrike are expected to greatly contribute to the advancement of this product.

2020. Wrike launches new AI tools to keep your projects on track

Project management service Wrike has announced a significant platform update during its user conference. The update introduces various AI capabilities aimed at ensuring individual projects stay on track and meet deadlines. Additionally, new solutions have been introduced to cater to the needs of marketers and project management offices in large corporations. With the latest enhancements, Wrike can now predict potential delays and notify project and team leaders of any indications of potential issues. AI-powered task prioritization assists users in identifying the most crucial tasks that require immediate attention, facilitating project progress. Another noteworthy addition is the support for optical character recognition, enabling users to scan printed and handwritten notes from their phones and attach them to specific tasks (available on iOS only). Moreover, voice commands (via Siri on iOS) and smart replies resembling Gmail's functionality (available in English for iOS and Android) have also been introduced.

2018. Wrike integrates with Microsoft Teams

The project management tool for Office 365, Microsoft Planner, may not have gained significant popularity yet. As a result, integrating the team messenger Microsoft Teams with the well-known project management service Wrike makes perfect sense. This integration offers several benefits. Firstly, it enables companies to utilize single sign-on for user accounts, streamlining the authentication process for Office 365 and Wrike. Secondly, within any Teams chat, users can easily add a Wrike tab that provides access to the desired project, allowing them to interact with task lists and view timelines. Tasks can be shared with the Teams chat for discussions and collaborative efforts. Additionally, Teams chat enables automatic receipt of project notifications from Wrike. Establishing the connection between Wrike and Teams is a straightforward process, requiring just a few clicks within the Teams Store.

2016. Wrike launched project management tool for marketers

Project management service Wrike is actively exploring opportunities to cater to specific industry verticals through specialized products. In line with this strategy, the company recently introduced its first vertical solution called Wrike for Marketers. This decision was driven by the fact that 40 percent of the company's new revenue already originates from the marketing vertical. Naturally, the product was developed to align with the unique workflow typically found in marketing, encompassing elements such as briefs, requests, assignments, reviews, and approvals. Recognizing the prevalence of Adobe tools like Photoshop and InDesign in creative work within marketing agencies, the Wrike team created an extension for the Adobe Creative Cloud. This integration seamlessly incorporates some of Wrike's features directly into Adobe's tools, enhancing collaboration and streamlining workflows.

2015. Project management service Wrike raised $15M

The project management and collaboration platform, Wrike, has successfully raised a Series B round, securing $15 million in funding. With the workplace undergoing significant digital transformation, Wrike recognized a dilemma faced by its customers. They were presented with a choice between complex enterprise IT solutions that proved impractical or simplistic tools and applications that lacked scalability. Wrike's CEO and Founder, Andrew Filev, stated, "Our objective was to bridge this gap by offering an enterprise product that focuses on seamless integration and scalable customization. This way, each customer can easily tailor Wrike to align with their unique business objectives." Filev further highlights that Wrike's recent introduction of new customization options has enabled the platform to gain considerable traction in the enterprise sphere. Typically, incorporating personalized features into services like Wrike has proven to be a cumbersome process.

2014. Project Management app Wrike improves customization options

Work management and collaboration service Wrike has introduced its latest offering, the "dynamic platform," allowing users to customize the service according to their specific needs. With the new Custom Fields feature, each project can be configured to track relevant information such as budgets, priorities, or custom statuses. Whether you belong to Product Development, Marketing, Finance, or any other team, you now have the flexibility to tailor your projects precisely to your requirements. Please note that this feature is exclusively available to Wrike Enterprise customers. Additionally, Wrike has introduced the Table View feature, which functions similar to a spreadsheet, facilitating project planning and organization. Furthermore, Wrike has expanded its integrations by including popular tools like Evernote, Wufoo, Zendesk, and more, enabling seamless connectivity and collaboration across various platforms.

2014. Wrike allows to convert any web page into task

Popular project management service Wrike has introduced a clever Chrome extension that enables users to annotate the web. With this extension, Wrike users can not only gather information from any website but, more importantly, when their team members visit the same site, they will see associated tasks linked to it. This functionality is reminiscent of web annotation tools; however, the integration of these capabilities into productivity applications sets Wrike apart. Alongside this, Wrike has introduced additional features, such as the ability to include external parties in Wrike projects. The company emphasizes that this feature is particularly significant for agencies that collaborate with their clients.

2013. Wrike turns into Google Wave

Do you remember Google Wave? It was a collaboration super-app that Google discontinued. However, not everything that Google shuts down is a bad thing. That's why it's not surprising that other providers are adopting the best practices from Google Wave. Take, for instance, the project management service Wrike. Last year, Wrike introduced real-time collaboration editing for task and project pages. And now they have introduced a new "playback" feature that allows you to track text changes. So, if you were offline or busy with other tasks for a while and then return to a task, you can quickly review the complete change history of the task from start to finish. Additionally, you can revert the task to any of the intermediate versions. If you take a look at the Wrike interface now, you'll definitely be reminded of Google Wave.

2012. Socialcast and Wrike go freemium

Freemium scheme is becoming more and more popular in the Enterprise 2.0 space. Two more popular SaaS services Socialcast and Wrike - have released the free versions with wide feature set. Socialcast - is the service for building corporate social networks, which is owned by VMWare. Unlike its main competitors (Chatter and Yammer), which offer free versions for unlimited number of users, but with limited functionality, Socialcast is offering free subscription for up to 50 users, but without any functional limitations. The main advantage of this offering is the high level of security and administrative tools. ***

2011. Wrike launches free project management tool for Google Apps

Wrike stands out as one of the top project management services, offering simple and effective task collaboration tools with seamless email integration. With over 2,000 new companies signing up for Wrike every month, its popularity is soaring. Even Salesforce, a prominent player in the industry, has recently launched a similar service called Do.com, and yet they still choose to use Wrike. However, Wrike had one disadvantage compared to other popular tools like Basecamp, Teamlab, or the aforementioned Do.com - it lacked a free version. Fortunately, this drawback has now been addressed. Wrike has introduced a free version for up to 5 users with 2GB of storage available on the Google Apps Marketplace. With this new offering, you can combine the power of Wrike with Google's suite of tools. Create tasks directly in Gmail, synchronize projects with Google Calendar, and attach Google Docs to Wrike tasks. Additionally, you can log into Wrike using your Google Apps account. It's important to note that the 5-user limitation only applies to employees within your company. You can invite an unlimited number of users to collaborate on tasks, expanding the reach of your project management efforts.

2010. Wrike makes Project Management social

Online project management service Wrike continues to implement the Project Management 2.0 philosophy (invented by Wrike's founder, Andrew Filev). An updated Wrike version is focused on one of the main Enterprise 2.0 features - Social. And the first Wrike's social feature - is a simple user-friendly interface in the style of popular consumer services. The main Wrike screen now reminds Google Wave - a list of projects, task list and the task pane. Like in Google Wave it features avatars, which allow to identify the author of a task, or who the task is shared with, etc., with just a quick glance at the workspace. Instead of old-way comments taks now contain microblogs with activity streams, which allow not only to discuss the task, but also display automatic updates on any task activities, such as attaching a new file or changing the task status. Thus, you can see the full history for that particular task: ***

2009. What is Project Management 2.0? Ask Wrike

Andrew Filev, Wrike CEO and founder, wants his service to become the One, who invented the 2.0 generation of project management, just like Salesforce did in CRM space. Of course, Wrike is not the most innovative product in the market and has very strong competitors - Basecamp, Zoho Projects, Worksection, etc. But sometimes marketing is a king. Search Google for "project management 2.0" and you will find numerous Andrew's articles and links to his conference speeches. Project Management 2.0 - is a new brand that can be very attractive to Wrike's potential customers, and here is why: ***

2006. Wrike harnesses e-mail for collaboration

Wrike, a collaboration service, is being launched today, offering an online task database for groups with a unique feature: tasks can be created and assigned simply by emailing people and copying wrike@wrike.com. This method is even easier than using Outlook's own Tasks list, making it convenient for small work groups. Wrike also has a viral sign-up process, where recipients of messages cc'd to Wrike are automatically registered and sent a temporary password to access the system. While the beta version didn't display all the features such as categorizing tasks, grouping, and file attachments, the interface is straightforward and effective for managing task lists. Similar to Smartsheet, Wrike utilizes email effectively and allows for alerts to be sent via email to taskmasters and watchers. Wrike gained attention at the Le Web 3 conference in Paris and offers a video demo showcasing features not yet available in the public beta.