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Zoho Projects
Zoho Projects is an online project management software with collaboration and bug tracking that allows project teams to collaborate and get work done faster. Planning and Tracking helps you keep your project on schedule. Collaboration helps improve the communication within the team. And the Bug Tracking module allows you to track the bugs that software projects are bound to generate and fix all bugs in time.

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#10 in Top 10 Project Management software


The best alternatives to Zoho Projects are: Asana, Trello, Zoho Sprints, Clickup, Monday.com, Wrike, JIRA, Basecamp, Teamwork, Microsoft Project

Latest news about Zoho Projects

2020. Zoho Projects gets improved Gantt chart

Zoho has upgraded and refurbished Gantt chart feature in Zoho Projects to include more capabilities, making it easier than ever to work with it. In particular, iin new UI, your unscheduled tasks are present under the tag “unscheduled” before your actual timeline begins. Just drag and drop an unscheduled task to the timeline to schedule it automatically. The new “Full Screen” view helps you focus on seemingly minor but essential details by utilizing . Also you can now customize the data your taskbars show inside the Gantt chart to include information like the start/end date, task owner, overdue status, and task name.

2019. Zoho brings Zia AI assistant to its project management app

Zia (Zoho's AI-based chatbot) from now can streamline activities in Zoho Projects. Zia has a conversational interface where you can get immediate responses to your questions on tasks, issues, and events modules in Zoho Projects. Zia can also suggest or recommend actions based on your project related activities. For example, when you’re on a tight schedule and you want to know your upcoming events, you can simply chat with Zia and request “Zia, list my upcoming events”. Zia will instantaneously list all your upcoming events. Moreover, you can ask Zia about any task or issue details such as your active tasks, status of a task, due date of a task, unassigned tasks, overdue tasks, user details, tasks in a task list, and similar issue details.

2018. Zoho Projects gets enhanced Gantt chart

Zoho came up with more upgrades for its project management app Zoho Projects, including an enhanced Gantt chart that supports all four types of task dependencies, custom views for tasks, and plenty more. The new Zoho People integration brings in vacation or time-off details about your team members into Projects, so that you can make sure tasks or bugs don’t wait on them when they are unavailable. The task and bug timers can now be paused and resumed instead of stopping and restarting from the beginning. With the new Zoho Meeting integration, you can simply click Meet Now on the Task Details page to meet your team online and clarify questions, resolve problems, or make decisions. Recall that in October last year Zoho launched another project management tool - Zoho Sprints.

2017. Zoho Projects 6 brings new customization opportinities

Zoho released a new version of its project management tool Zoho Projects 6 that will more easily adapt to diverse project requirements. It adds Custom fields and Custom statuses for tasks, Layouts - templates from which you can model your projects, ability to set Custom logo and domain name, advanced task reports, revamped Task details page, uniform design across all modules, new and searchable Setup page, custom field based reports, Kanban view by status, enhanced task filters.

2016. Zoho Projects adds staff-based billing

Project management service Zoho Projects has supported billing based on project hours since the beginning, and now it adds support of billing based on staff hours too. You can now assign a rate to each of your employees and see it reflected in your invoices. For example, for a project like the concert, where different users with varied skill levels are working on different tasks, you need to bill your client based on staff hours. You want each employee to have a different rate according to their skills and the nature of the work they’re doing, so that you’re always billing your clients appropriately.

2016. Zoho Projects adds gamification layer

Zoho is adding the gamification layer Gamescope across different products (first to Zoho Projects) to help users turn tedious work into an exciting game. Points are awarded for making progress with work such as completing tasks, closing tickets and deals, and resolving bugs. This is tracked in a scorecard. Each game happens within a time frame; think of it as a basketball game. The ones who score the maximum points when the game ends win trophies. Apart from these, you also collect badges by achieving specific targets. And the winners get to show off their badges and trophies in the scorecard or in their individual profile pages. And the winners get to show off their badges and trophies in the scorecard or in their individual profile pages.

2015. Zoho Projects gets the power of Zoho Docs

The Documents module in project management app Zoho Projects just got a big boost. You can now create rich documents, spreadsheets and presentations right here and work on them collaboratively with your team. This update powered by Zoho Docs lets you do a lot more and here are some of the benefits. All these documents can be co-created; i.e. more than one person can work on them at the same time. You can chat with all the collaborators as you go, right within the document window. Getting feedback is easy; each letter in your text documents and each cell in your spreadsheets can be commented on. An inbuilt versioning system lets you view the changes a document has gone through, and if needed revert to an older version.

2015. Zoho Projects 5 brings new faster interface and useful features

New version of the popular project management app Zoho Projects 5 provides a new UI that is faster, more appealing and with a full-screen design that makes the best use of your display. The new version also introduced Work Hours for tasks. You can now set the number of hours for a resource—independent of duration—and specify this in multiple ways (eg, work hours per day, the percentage of hours per day, or leave it at total work hours and let Projects 5 do the rest). Another new feature - SLA Automation. Zoho Projects 5 ensures contractual compliance to your customers by setting up automated escalations, based on defined criteria. Thanks to integration with accounting system Zoho Books, you can now allocate a budget for your projects, record expenses, edit them, and view expense reports—without ever leaving Projects.

2014. Zoho Projects updates its Gantt Chart

Zoho rolled out a set of new enhancements to the Gantt Chart in its project management service Zoho Projects. The Gantt view now has two charts: one (Chronology Chart) shows task bars sequentially. The second (Milestone Chart) shows milestones  and gives you the bigger picture. You can now view your milestones, the task lists they contain, and the tasks in these; all in one place. Besides now you can now set dependencies right within the Gantt Chart. Just click and hold on the predecessor task bar and drag to the dependent task bar, and your dependency is set.  You could set the period for which you viewed the chart to the current month, the previous month, the whole year or a custom period of your choice. Developers also added a new option called project span that  automatically displays the chart for the duration of the project.

2013. Zoho Projects adds mobile apps

Despite the pressure of alternatives, the online project management service Zoho Projects remains one of the market leader, thanks to the affordable pricing and powerful functionality. Now it gets mobile apps for iPhone and Android, so you'll be able to continue working anywhere: in the mountains or on the boat (as shown in this video). Zoho Projects mobile app delivers notifications about the latest activities by the project team, allows you to work with tasks and documents, communicate with colleagues via comments, use the time-tracker. Also, right from the app you can take photos and send them to the project - in many cases it can replace typing text on a small phone keyboard. Recall that Zoho Projects provides the free version for one project. The paid version starts from $20/month (for unlimited users).

2012. Zoho Projects 4.0 - beautiful like Basecamp

Usually new versions of Zoho services bring a lot of new features, because Indian developers can't refuse their clients that need something special. But at this time (in the case of the new version Zoho Projects 4.0) they left the new features alone and focused on design, usability and speed. After all, the project management trendsetter - Basecamp does so, and Zoho always copies the best things to its products. The new Zoho Projects interface is really simple, beautiful, comfortable and fast. And like the new Basecamp, it simulates a white sheet of paper on a desktop, and uses the effect of sheet layers. We especially like the project activite feed with universal add-item form: you can quickly and easily add statuses, messages, tasks and files. And regarding the functionality - Zoho Projects is still one of the most powerfull solutions. In addition to tasks and projects, it contains bug tracker, time tracker, file storage with document editors, wikis, forums, chat. For now the new Zoho Projects interface is available on par with the old one - you can use the one that you like.

2010. Zoho Projects gets bug tracker

The online project management and project collaboration service Zoho Projects becomes interesting for software companies, as it gets quite functional bug tracker. It allows you to add bugs, assign owners, collaborate on bugs and control their statuses. There are flexible options for email-notifications of various actions in the system. You can set the individual processes and rules for the automation of certain operations - for example, when issue status changed, it can automatically be assigned to another owner (for example, to tester) and change its priority. Unfortunately, the bug tracker is included only in the most expensive Zoho Projects subscription plan ($ 699 per year for 30 GB and unlimited number of users). But for these money you get the most featured online project management system on the market, which includes: project plan, calendar, tasks, file sharing, forum, chat, wiki, time tracker, billing, bug tracker, reports. In addition, Zoho Projects is seamlessly integrated with other Zoho services and Google Apps.

2009. Zoho Projects linked to Google Apps

Zoho continues to integrate its products with competitors. At that time the online project management service, Zoho Projects, was integrated with Google Apps. And it makes sense, as Google Apps don't provide own project and task management tools. So what has been done? First, customers can now login to Zoho Projects with the same username and password they use for Google Apps. Second, from now users can link their documents from Goolge Docs to the projects inside Zoho Projects (its interesting that Google still doesn't provide similar function in GMail and Google Sites, where it could be useful).