Top 3 Zoho Notebook alternatives

Last updated: August 30, 2018
Zoho Notebook
Free yourself from forgetting with mobile Zoho Notebook. Remember the title of that movie you keep forgetting. Or start outlining an unforgettable story. Don't get thumb tied. Record your ideas while driving. Tape meetings, lectures, and conversations. Turn your checklist into a checked-off list. Whether you're designing your office, or planning a wedding, capture what inspires you.

The best Zoho Notebook alternatives:



Google Keep

Latest news about Zoho Notebook

2018. Zoho Notebook integrated with Zapier

Zoho Notebook is now integrated with Zapier. Connect your Notebook account to Zapier with a few simple clicks and you’ll immediately be able to integrate Notebook with over 1,000 apps by zapping them together. Do you use Google Calendar to organize your day? Notebook and Google integration lets you manage your time and work in an efficient manner. When you create a calendar event on Google Calendar, Zapier automatically creates a note card in Notebook. That way, when you get to your meeting or class, you already have a note created, waiting for your thoughts. Looking for a place to save your favorite messages? When you use Zapier to connect Notebook with Slack, the messages you mark as favorites get saved as notecards in the Notebook app.

2018. Zoho Notebook adds business card scanning, deep search, favoriting

Zoho announced latest Notebook update. While it already could capture images and scan documents, now it also allows to scan business cards, as well. To do so, open the Photo Card, then toggle to the “Business Card” option. The new Deep Search allows to search for objects and text within images across your notes and notebooks, just like your text-based notes. Another new feature - Favoriting allows to put notes into a stack on the home screen, giving you the ability to create a master to-do list, or keep important notes on hand. To favorite a note, you can simply swipe one to the left, then tap the star icon. Linking notes is also simple: just tap the link option while editing a note, then select the note to which you want to link.

2018. Zoho Notebook adds encryption at rest, night mode

Zoho rolled out the Notebook update with some new features. Now everything you store in Notebook is encrypted at rest, making your notes and data incredibly secure.  The new Night Mode should help reduce the strain on your eyes when using Notebook in the dark. Plus the developers added enhanced Apple Pencil support for iOS, new ways to format and style your notes and Right to Left language support, including Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu.

2017. Zoho launched Notebook for Web

Zoho released the new version of note-taking app Zoho Notebook 4.0 that marks the launch of Notebook for Web. Then there’s also the introduction of Smart Cards, which intelligently format content you add to Notebook across devices. And if those two things aren’t enough, it added document scanning along with a redesigned Photo Card, lots of drag and drop to Notebook for iPad Pro, and several other cross-platform updates. Notebook for Web brings all your notes and notebooks online. You can create Text, Checklist, Photo, and File Cards. To add a custom Notebook cover, simply drag an image from your desktop and drop it on the cover you want to replace. You can create Photo and File Cards in Notebook by dragging and dropping from your desktop, as well. Notes can be grouped, moved, and copied to different notebooks. And both notebooks and notes can be locked with a passcode. If you have a Notebook account, the web app is automatically available.

2017. Zoho Notebook 3.0 adds File Card, Web Clipper for Safari, Import from Evernote

Zoho updated its Notebook app. You can now add and sync PDFs, documents, spreadsheets, and more to Notebook with the brand new File Card. Files can be added from any online or offline storage app. All files added to Notebook are treated as distinct, groupable note cards, rather than mere attachments. When you add files to Notebook, you’ll be able to open them in Zoho Docs, Zoho’s document management application, available on the web and mobile. Besides, the Notebook Web Clipper is now available for Safari and you can import all your notes and attachments from Evernote with the new tool.