Zoho Connect is #11 in Top 20 Enterprise Social Software

Zoho Connect
From ideas to execution, Zoho Connect is your organization's private social network that redefines the way your employees and teams share information and collaborate with each other.

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#11 in Top 20 Enterprise Social Software


The best alternatives to Zoho Connect are: Zoho Cliq, Slack, Microsoft Teams

Latest news about Zoho Connect

2018. Zoho Connect gets Projects integration, board templates

Zoho Connect, the platform for social collaboration, got Zoho Projects integration, so you can now convert your conversations into actions. You can create new tasks in Projects, directly from any of your Connect conversations, and start tracking their progress. You can also view and access tasks from all your Projects portals in Connect. Zoho Connect also got ShowTime integration to deliver your presentations and training. Another new feature - board templates - allow to simply pick any of your existing project boards and re-use them anytime you want.

2014. Zoho Connect allows to create external networks

Zoho's enterprise social network solution Zoho Connect gets new feature - External networks? that enables businesses to extend collaboration capabilities to their partners, suppliers, agents, franchises or contract workers. Zoho Connect’s external networks are no different from the internal network for employees. They have the same interface and tools. With external networks, businesses can leverage the collective knowledge and creativity of partners or vendors and arrive at smarter solutions. Additionally, Zoho also added newer features to Zoho Connect to enhance collaboration capabilities for businesses. Chatroom, events, network analytics, AD integration are the new features.

2014. Zoho Connect gets hashtags

Enterprise social networking service Zoho Connect makes searching and organizing posts easier with new feature - Hashtags. Hashtags allow to organize your news feed and help you easily find threads and stay updated on the latest. With hashtagging, you can easily browse through large chunks of archived conversations across your organization. Search and follow tagged conversations. This way, you can look for conversations around a particular topic, and also get email notifications every time someone uses a tag you follow.

2013. Zoho launched social intranet Zoho Pulse

If you compete with Google and Salesforce, you have to constantly go forward and improve your offering. And Zoho continues to do this. Today they have launched very useful service for their app suite - social intranet Zoho Pulse. It's a worthy alternative to the famous Salesforce Chatter and the significant advantage over Google Apps, which lacks such a tool. Now with full confidence we can say that in terms of functionality Zoho's collaboration suite is again the most advanced on the market. Moreover, from the start, Zoho Pulse is not an entry-level service, but a fully competitive solution with microblogging, communities, subscriptions, employee social network, wiki pages, forums, private messaging, embedded apps and documents, mobile apps for iPhone and Android.