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Microsoft Advertising enables to use Bing search engine marketing and audience solutions to help you build your business.

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#9 in Top 16 Online advertising services


The best alternatives to Microsoft Advertising are: Google Ads, Facebook Ads

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2019. Bing Ads rebrands to Microsoft Advertising

Bing Ads has been rebranded to Microsoft Advertising, with the business saying the move intends "to signal offerings that extend beyond search inventory and search data." Microsoft also placed a big focus on personalization and AI in the announcement - promised to introduce more advertising products with built-in AI, more connected to your data and business. Bing will remain the consumer search brand for Microsoft, with the computing giant insisting the Google rival will "only become more important as intent data drives more personalisation and product innovation."

2014. Bing Ads copies Google AdWords device targeting options

Bing Ads is rolling out two changes to its device targeting options: first, they will combine PCs and tablets into a single device, then eliminate mobile device targeting. The upcoming changes were driven by users basically telling Bing, “We want you to be more like AdWords,”. While Bing Ads still offered the flexibility of device targeting, it made it difficult for some to manage cross-channel tools. So the update reduces the number of targeting options available to advertisers to just two: desktop or mobile. The Bing Ads team notes that advertisers will still be able to make bid adjustments to their tablet bids. In addition, Bing is updating the allowable bid modifiers for tablet targeting – in September, the allowable bid modifier for tablets will range from +300% to -20%.