Mural is #3 in Top 10 Visual Collaboration software

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#3 in Top 10 Visual Collaboration software


The best alternatives to Mural are: Miro, Google Jamboard, Figjam, LucidChart

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2020. Visual collaboration startup MURAL raises $118M

MURAL, the visual collaboration startup known for its whiteboard-like digital environment that promotes cooperation and brainstorming among users, has successfully raised $118 million in funding. With the newly acquired capital, the startup has outlined its plans, which include investing more in global go-to-market strategies, product development, and community engagement initiatives. While the first two endeavors are typical in the realm of startup funding, the latter is quite distinct. This is because MURAL collaborates with consultants who utilize its product. By strengthening this network, the startup can potentially sustain its current revenue growth, as having a group of product evangelists in different markets can be an effective way to generate awareness and expand its user base.