Figjam is #4 in Top 10 Visual Collaboration software

FigJam is a free online whiteboarding and collaboration tool you and your team can use to brainstorm and organize ideas.

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#4 in Top 10 Visual Collaboration software


The best alternatives to Figjam are: Miro, Mural, Microsoft Whiteboard, Google Jamboard, LucidChart,

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2023. Figma sweetens FigJam whiteboard tool with new AI features

Figma has introduced new generative AI features to enhance its FigJam whiteboard tool, simplifying the initial setup and project organization process. One of these features is a tool designed to assist users in creating FigJam boards. Recognizing that the blank canvas can be overwhelming for beginners, Figma aimed to alleviate this challenge by implementing a generative AI tool. This tool enables users to initiate a new board by providing a description and listing essential elements such as a calendar and project timeline, making it effortless for users to start working on their FigJam templates or diagrams even when they are unsure of where to begin. After users have established a board, they typically employ digital sticky notes to jot down ideas, tasks, or anything else of relevance. However, as the board expands, managing these notes can become challenging. The company aimed to streamline this process by offering an easier method of organization. This involved categorizing the sticky notes into coherent thematic groups based on factors like subject matter or the individual responsible for completing a specific task.