Top 10: Talent management software

Updated: August 01, 2023

Talent management software is a comprehensive digital solution designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of the talent acquisition and development process within an organization. This software provides a centralized platform where businesses can manage recruitment, applicant tracking, employee performance, learning and development, and succession planning. Talent management software often includes features such as job posting, candidate assessment, performance appraisal, training and certification tracking, and talent analytics. By automating and standardizing talent management processes, this software helps organizations attract, hire, and retain top talent, as well as identify and develop high-potential employees for future leadership roles. With data-driven insights, talent management software enables HR professionals and managers to make informed decisions, implement effective talent strategies, and align talent goals with overall business objectives. Talent management software is a valuable asset for businesses seeking to build a skilled and engaged workforce, drive employee development, and achieve long-term organizational success. Some of the most popular talent management software options are listed below.

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2022. 15Five, a pioneer in talent management HR tech, raises $52M

15Five, an early pioneer in the realm of team motivation and performance management technology, has successfully raised $52 million. Currently, the platform is utilized by approximately 3,400 companies, including renowned names such as Credit Karma, Spotify, and Pendo. Its primary focus lies in businesses with employee counts ranging from 100 to 2,500. 15Five goes beyond providing insights and delves into delivering tangible outcomes, which involves expanding its platform to encompass areas like coaching and education. In addition to tracking and establishing goals for teams and individuals, the company is venturing into these new territories. While there are numerous enterprise software companies addressing challenges in HR, enterprise training, education, and performance management, 15Five stands out by seamlessly integrating all of these aspects. Furthermore, it places a strong emphasis on performance management as its primary perspective, setting it apart from its counterparts.

2018. LinkedIn launches Talent Insights

LinkedIn has introduced a new feature called Talent Insights, consisting of two components: "Talent Pool" and "Company Report." The Talent Pool feature allows businesses to conduct searches across the LinkedIn database to identify potential candidates who possess similar characteristics to their existing hires. It provides insights on their current location, company affiliations, career movements, shared skills, and potential for growth. On the other hand, the Company Report feature offers analytics about your organization and enables you to compare it with others in various aspects, such as education levels and schools attended by employees, skills gaps, and more. These data tools provide valuable information for talent acquisition and workforce analysis.

2014. IBM adds more business intelligence to its Kenexa talent management suite

IBM has recently unveiled three new cloud-based predictive HR services, all of which incorporate consultative engagements from Kenexa workforce scientists. The first service, IBM Kenexa Predictive Hiring, focuses on modeling critical roles such as sales associates in retail, brokers and advisors in finance, researchers in the pharmaceutical industry, and production line workers in manufacturing. The system then evaluates the required skills by generating assessments that are seamlessly integrated into the cloud-based recruitment platform. The second service, IBM Kenexa Workforce Readiness, assesses the existing skills within organizations and predicts the key job families necessary for a customer-centric approach in line with emerging market conditions. Lastly, IBM Kenexa Predictive Retention consists of three components. Firstly, it provides senior HR leaders with predictive insights into employees who are at risk of leaving. Additionally, IBM has introduced a new Talent and Change consulting practice, offering four consulting services tailored for companies undergoing transitions.

2012. Oracle buys SaaS talent management system Taleo

The ongoing SaaS competition between Oracle and SAP shows no signs of slowing down. Following SAP's acquisition of the leading talent management provider, SuccessFactors, Oracle's CEO Larry Ellison found it difficult to find peace of mind. To alleviate his concerns, he made the decision to acquire another key player in the market, Taleo. (We recently compared SuccessFactors vs Taleo not long ago.) The deal was valued at $1.9 billion. Taleo is renowned for its comprehensive suite of tools for personal compensation and headhunting, which are seamlessly integrated with social networks. As is often the case in such situations, this acquisition serves as a significant indicator for those who still harbor doubts about the potential of SaaS. If Larry Ellison, who had been among the more skeptical, and who already possesses the HRM system PeopleSoft, invests in a SaaS alternative, it carries considerable weight.

2011. Talent Management and Gamification on the rise: Salesforce buys Rypple

Salesforce - is if not the trend-setter in the Enterprise, than it's certainly the indicator of most important trends in this sphere. The company had grown on the wave of CRM and SaaS, then came to the front edge of cloud platforms, mobile applications and social software. And now Salesforce wants to occupy two more hot areas - Talent Management and Gamification. The common goal of these technologies - is staff motivation and development. Crazy demand for talent management system has been proven by SuccessFactors, which has set several records in SaaS-implementation and recently was acquired by SAP. And we have already mentioned about Gamification potential. So, today Salesoforce has bought one of the most promising startups in these areas - Rypple (known as Zynga for Enterprise). ***

2011. SAP acquires SaaS-champion SuccessFactors

(SuccessFactors CEO Lars Dalgaard) ***

2010. Talent Management 2.0: SuccessFactors vs Taleo

Everyone knows that "talent is everything". Everyone knows that 80% of his time boss should  devote to employees and their motivation. But in practice, boss remember about an employee only when he did something wrong and proved once again that his salary is too high. However, as competition in all areas is growing and business becomes more and more dependent of its talents, this outdated practice will only lead to deadpool. That's why talent management software and services are now experiencing a rapid growth. In the recent SaaS tool ratings talent management (and related technologies - HRM and e-Recruting) - are among most demanded. In this talent management market two gorillas have emerged: Taleo and SuccessFactors. And both these companies provide SaaS solutions. ***