SuccessFactors is #5 in Top 10 Talent Management Systems

SAP SuccessFactors’ time-tested, analyst-recommended solutions drive goal execution across your business from top-to-bottom like no other alternative. By focusing on the three pillars of Business Execution excellence—Business Alignment, Team Execution and People Performance—SuccessFactors Business Execution Software delivers real business impact. It provides the foundation for organizational success by giving you the tools to put the right people in the right place to work on the right things.

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#5 in Top 10 Talent Management Systems


The best alternatives to SuccessFactors are: Workday, SAP ERP, Oracle ERP, Taleo, Cornerstone

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2011. SAP acquires SaaS-champion SuccessFactors

(SuccessFactors CEO Lars Dalgaard) ***

2011. Top 5 largest SaaS implementations. SuccessFactors vs WorkDay

It wasn't so easy to create a list of the largest SaaS projects. Because though SaaS vendors would like to promote themselves, they often have no clearance from customer to go public on their deployments. Sometimes, when a dispute on the largest projects starts, they claim that they have a customer with XXX users, but don't tell what customer and provide no proof. Therefore, our rating is based on unverified information. However, it is interesting that neither Salesforce nor Google Apps are included in it. And four out of five deployments - are talent management (or human capital - HRM) systems: ***

2010. Talent Management 2.0: SuccessFactors vs Taleo

Everyone knows that "talent is everything". Everyone knows that 80% of his time boss should  devote to employees and their motivation. But in practice, boss remember about an employee only when he did something wrong and proved once again that his salary is too high. However, as competition in all areas is growing and business becomes more and more dependent of its talents, this outdated practice will only lead to deadpool. That's why talent management software and services are now experiencing a rapid growth. In the recent SaaS tool ratings talent management (and related technologies - HRM and e-Recruting) - are among most demanded. In this talent management market two gorillas have emerged: Taleo and SuccessFactors. And both these companies provide SaaS solutions. ***

2008. SuccessFactors plugs Google Apps into HCM

SuccessFactors, a SaaS vendor, has partnered with Google to bring its cloud-based collaboration suite into the human capital management (HCM) space. SuccessFactors has launched five Google integrations that can be activated within its talent management software, including integrations with Google Docs, Google Calendar, Google Talk, Google Maps, and Google Book Search. While the integration is not as deep as in the case of Salesforce, it has the potential to reach a large user base as SuccessFactors boasts over 4 million users. This move positions SuccessFactors as the first HCM application to link with Google Apps, which already has over 500,000 organizations signed up. SuccessFactors sees this integration as a differentiation from competitors, highlighting its multitenancy and shared services architecture. The company plans to explore further integrations with other providers and sees vast opportunities in leveraging web services in the cloud. The Google integrations offer various benefits, such as in-app chat support, synchronized performance tasks with Google Calendar, embedding Google documents in profiles, accessing relevant books through Google Book Search, and visualizing team locations with Google Maps. However, the integration with Gmail was excluded due to privacy concerns, and the Google Talk integration only allows chat conversations to be copied and pasted within SuccessFactors. Customers can enable the integrations through configuration options provided by SuccessFactors and must separately subscribe to Google Apps, with the option to restrict users to their corporate Google Apps accounts.