Top 10: Mobile Analytics services

Updated: July 31, 2023

Mobile analytics platforms are specialized tools designed to track, analyze, and interpret data related to user interactions and behaviors within mobile applications. These platforms collect valuable data points, such as app installations, user engagement, session duration, in-app purchases, and user demographics, to provide insights into app performance and user experiences. Mobile analytics platforms offer powerful dashboards and reports, allowing businesses to measure key performance indicators (KPIs), identify trends, and understand user preferences. This data-driven approach enables app developers and marketers to optimize app features, identify areas for improvement, and refine marketing strategies to attract and retain users effectively. Mobile analytics platforms play a crucial role in driving app success and helping businesses make informed decisions to enhance their mobile app offerings and overall user satisfaction. Some of the most popular mobile analytics software options are listed below.

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2019. ServiceNow acquires mobile analytics startup Appsee

ServiceNow has recently completed the acquisition of Appsee, a mobile analytics company renowned for its comprehensive analytical capabilities. Going beyond traditional numerical analytics, Appsee empowers developers by allowing them to visualize and understand the user's experience through recorded interactions. This insight enables developers to identify areas of improvement and rectify any issues encountered during program usage. ServiceNow aims to integrate Appsee's functionality into its Now Platform, which empowers customers to develop customized service applications for their businesses or utilize pre-built mobile applications. By incorporating Appsee's capabilities, ServiceNow intends to enhance user interfaces and create more user-friendly applications.

2016. Mobile analytics service App Annie raised $63 Million

App Annie, a platform that assists developers, investors, and journalists in gaining deeper insights into app rankings and trends, has successfully secured $63 million in Series E funding. This financing round takes place approximately one year after App Annie raised $55 million, bringing the total funding for the company to approximately $157 million. The infusion of new capital aims to further accelerate the company's already rapid growth. Currently, App Annie boasts 500,000 registered members, with "hundreds" of them subscribing annually for access to its advanced analytics services. The average yearly subscription costs $80,000 per subscriber.

2015. Mixpanel introduced codeless mobile analytics

Mobile analytics service Mixpanel has introduced a new feature designed to simplify the customization of its analytics tools for mobile businesses, eliminating the need for additional code. With the introduction of Codeless Mobile Analytics, customers can utilize a user-friendly point-and-click interface to identify and track specific interactions within their Android or iOS apps. Once the Mixpanel SDK is installed, any subsequent modifications can be implemented immediately without requiring an update or approval from the App Store. This empowers optimization, testing, and marketing teams to make adjustments to their app analytics dashboard independently, without relying on developers for assistance.

2015. Flurry to provide analytics for Apple Watch app developers

Mobile analytics service Flurry, which is under the ownership of Yahoo, has unveiled its support for the Apple Watch. With the increasing number of developers focusing on building applications for the Apple Watch ecosystem, understanding user engagement with these small-screen apps becomes crucial. User behavior and relevant metrics for Apple Watch applications are likely to differ significantly from those of smartphone apps. Flurry's introduction of Apple Watch metrics enables developers to track various aspects, including new users, active users, total event occurrences per day, daily average event occurrences, daily average unique event users, and the percentage of app users engaging with the watch extension. This announcement follows the recent news from mobile marketing firm Fiksu and Kochava, both of which also introduced tracking capabilities for Apple Watch events. App Annie has similarly updated its Store Stats to accommodate Apple Watch tracking. However, as one of the prominent players in the mobile analytics field, Flurry's support is expected to have a widespread impact, reaching a diverse range of app developers.

2015. Mobile analytics provider Kochava acquired mobile ad optimization developer InferSystems

Mobile analytics provider Kochava has recently completed the acquisition of ad tech company InferSystems, intending to leverage its technology for the development of a new product known as the Kochava Optimization Beacon. This innovative product enables Kochava to expand its offerings from mobile ad measurement to optimization. Presently, advertisers utilizing Kochava need to manually examine campaign data, identify underperforming ad networks or publishers, and subsequently engage with the respective ad network to adjust their spending accordingly. However, with the introduction of the Optimization Beacon, this analysis and adjustment process can be automated, based on predetermined rules and goals set by the advertiser. While there are various ad optimization technologies available, most are controlled by demand-side platforms (DSPs), which are the purchasing tools commonly used by advertisers. Consequently, advertisers tend to select DSPs based on their optimization capabilities rather than the quality of their ad inventory, posing a challenge in the industry.

2014. Mobile analytics startup New Relic is now a billion-dollar company

New Relic, a provider of app-monitoring services on a SaaS basis, has experienced a successful debut in the stock market, with its first day of trading propelling it to a billion-dollar valuation. The closing share price exceeded expectations, reaching 47 percent higher than the initial offering price of $23.00 per share. This surge in value places the company's worth at approximately $1.5 billion. New Relic specializes in delivering a SaaS Software Analytics Platform, which encompasses Application Performance Management and Real User Monitoring for web applications deployed in Cloud and Data Centers, supporting various programming languages such as Ruby, Java, .NET, Python, PHP, and Node.js. Additionally, New Relic provides mobile monitoring solutions for iOS and Android applications. As the company enters the new year, it is focused on maintaining its momentum and likened its achievements to that of a football player making it to the big leagues.

2014. Mobile analytics service Appsee gets $2M funding

Israeli startup Appsee has secured an additional $2 million in funding through a series A round. Appsee specializes in offering a variety of tools to analyze user behavior in mobile apps. One notable feature is touch recording, which monitors all touch gestures across an app's screens and presents them in easy-to-understand heat maps. The platform also includes conversion funnels and crash recordings that automatically detect and document crash sessions, along with crash logs. Appsee's ultimate objective is to assist developers in enhancing the user experience by leveraging the insights provided by its analytics service. This, in turn, enables developers to boost user engagement, retention, and potentially lucrative in-app purchases.

2014. Yahoo acquired mobile analytics service Flurry

Yahoo is purchasing Flurry, a mobile app analytics and advertising startup, for an estimated price range of $200-$300 million. Flurry collaborates with approximately 170,000 developers, collecting data from 150 billion app sessions per month, to provide valuable insights to app publishers regarding their audiences, app usage, and app performance. This information helps enhance app functionality and optimize revenue generation. Flurry's data powers an advertising platform utilized by brands to target specific audiences on apps within Flurry's network, and enables developers to monetize their apps with more relevant inventory. The acquisition of Flurry not only boosts Yahoo's mobile advertising revenues but also positions Yahoo as a key player in the monetization and utilization of mobile technology as it expands its ad tech business.