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Last updated: March 03, 2015
Kochava is a leading mobile attribution and analytics platform, with all the right features to be the only partner you’ll need. Visualize the true impact of your UA investments with real-time attribution and analytics.

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#12 in Top 0 Mobile Analytics Services


The best alternatives to Kochava are: Adjust, AppsFlyer, Google Analytics

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2015. Mobile analytics provider Kochava acquired mobile ad optimization developer InferSystems

Mobile analytics provider Kochava has acquired ad tech company InferSystems and will use its technology to build a product called the Kochava Optimization Beacon. The new product allows the company to move beyond mobile ad measurement into optimization. Currently advertisers using Kochava have to look at campaign data, determine which ad networks or publishers aren’t performing, then contact someone at the ad network to adjust their spending accordingly. With the new Optimization Beacon, this analysis and adjustment can happen automatically, based on rules and goals identified by the advertiser. There’s plenty of ad optimization technology out there, but it’s largely controlled by the demand-side platforms, i.e., the buying tools used by many advertisers. The issue there is that advertisers are then choosing DSPs based on their optimization capabilities, not the quality of their ad inventory.