Appsee is #17 in Top 0 Mobile Analytics Services

Last updated: October 08, 2014
Appsee is a mobile app analytics platform that offers a unique and powerful analytics solution, enabling you to optimize the user experience in your app. It automatically tracks all users' interactions in your app, provides insights into their behavior and helps you keep them happy.

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#17 in Top 0 Mobile Analytics Services


The best alternatives to Appsee are: Flurry, Mixpanel, Google Analytics

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2014. Mobile analytics service Appsee gets $2M funding

Israeli startup Appsee, that offers an array of tools for measuring mobile app user behaviour, has topped up its funding by closing a modest $2 million series A round. Appsee has several unique features, including touch recording that tracks all touch gestures in each of an app’s screens and aggregates them into easily digestible heat maps, conversion funnels, and crash recordings that detect and record crash sessions automatically as well as provide crash logs. The goal of Appsee, of course, isn’t just to help developers improve the user experience based on the insights its analytics service can provide, but, in turn, to enable them to increase user engagement, retention and those potentially lucrative in-app purchases.