Top 10: Free Project Management software

Updated: August 01, 2023

Free project management software is a digital solution that offers essential project management functionalities without requiring any upfront cost. These software tools are designed to help teams and individuals organize tasks, allocate resources, track progress, and collaborate effectively. Despite being free, they often offer features such as task lists, Gantt charts, file sharing, team communication, and time tracking. Free project management software is a valuable option for small teams, startups, or individual users with limited budgets who need to manage projects efficiently. While they may have some limitations or fewer advanced features compared to premium project management tools, they still provide essential project organization and collaboration capabilities, making them an accessible and practical choice for those seeking to boost productivity and streamline project workflows without incurring additional expenses. Some of the most popular free project management services are listed below.

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2019. Trello limits free version to 10 boards

Trello, the project management tool by Atlassian, is introducing a collection of thirteen new features. While the majority of these additions are reserved for paying users, Trello's free users will also gain access to a few exciting additions. However, as a trade-off, Trello is limiting the ability to create an unlimited number of boards for free Teams users (excluding regular users outside of a team), allowing them to have a maximum of 10 open boards in Trello at any given time. An noteworthy development is that Power-Up Butler, the automation extension for Trello, is now available for free to both paying and free users. This enhancement simplifies the automation of workflows and repetitive tasks within Trello, fulfilling the demands of enterprise users. Additionally, Trello introduces a new board setting, extending beyond private, team, and public options.

2018. Evernote adds project management Spaces

The latest addition to Evernote Business is a feature called Spaces, designed to enhance team collaboration and project progression. With Spaces, teams can effectively transform their ideas into actionable steps and propel their projects forward. This feature provides team members with a comprehensive view of the project's scope through the "What's new" and "Pinned notes" tiles, allowing them to stay informed about the latest updates and prioritize important activities. By making spaces discoverable, teams can tap into valuable business knowledge, while also exploring and connecting with other spaces through the Space Directory. Currently, Spaces is exclusively available as part of the Evernote Business plan, priced at $14.99 per user per month.

2017. Atlassian acquired Trello

Atlassian, the renowned software company, has made a significant acquisition by purchasing the project management service Trello for a whopping $425 million. Similar to its approach with previous acquisitions, Atlassian intends to maintain the Trello service and brand, ensuring that existing users will not experience immediate changes. By acquiring Trello, Atlassian gains access to one of the rapidly growing project management services, boasting approximately 19 million users. Trello enhances productivity for both individuals and teams by providing a comprehensive view of all projects within a single glance. Assigning projects is simple—just place them in the respective person's or team's list, and upon completion, drag them to the "completed" list. Each task, referred to as a "card," allows for comments and the addition of links. Trello is compatible with multiple devices and facilitates file uploads from platforms such as Dropbox or Google Drive.

2016. Project management app Asana raised $50M

Asana, an application designed for team project tracking, has reached a valuation of $600 million with the support of YC's Sam Altman. As of today, Asana has garnered 13,000 paying businesses as customers, with over 140,000 businesses utilizing the product overall. This user base continues to grow by approximately 10,000 businesses each month. Asana offers both free and premium tiers, with the latter priced at $8.33 per member per month for groups larger than 15, granting access to additional features. With the increasing transition of business operations to online platforms, productivity applications are currently in high demand. Recently, BetterWorks, a similar platform for task and goal management, secured $20 million in Series B funding. Apart from BetterWorks and Asana, there are other productivity-boosting tools available such as Basecamp, Wrike, and Trello, all catering to the needs of organizing and enhancing the productivity of knowledge workers.

2011. Wrike launches free project management tool for Google Apps

Wrike stands out as one of the top project management services, offering simple and effective task collaboration tools with seamless email integration. With over 2,000 new companies signing up for Wrike every month, its popularity is soaring. Even Salesforce, a prominent player in the industry, has recently launched a similar service called, and yet they still choose to use Wrike. However, Wrike had one disadvantage compared to other popular tools like Basecamp, Teamlab, or the aforementioned - it lacked a free version. Fortunately, this drawback has now been addressed. Wrike has introduced a free version for up to 5 users with 2GB of storage available on the Google Apps Marketplace. With this new offering, you can combine the power of Wrike with Google's suite of tools. Create tasks directly in Gmail, synchronize projects with Google Calendar, and attach Google Docs to Wrike tasks. Additionally, you can log into Wrike using your Google Apps account. It's important to note that the 5-user limitation only applies to employees within your company. You can invite an unlimited number of users to collaborate on tasks, expanding the reach of your project management efforts.

2009. Zoho released Zoho Projects 2.0

With the latest release, Zoho has seamlessly integrated Zoho Wiki with Zoho Projects. Additionally, they have introduced a Twitter-like status update feature within the application and integrated the Zoho chat functionality, enabling real-time interactions among team members. What sets Zoho Projects 2.0 apart from other online project management applications is its enhanced integration with the Zoho Office Suite. Companies can now provide their project teams with a comprehensive suite that includes online project management tools, wikis, social tools, and a complete office productivity suite, all without the hefty price tag. Some notable features of Zoho Projects 2.0 include project milestones, the ability to import from Microsoft Project, Project Stream (a visual representation that allows users to stay updated on the latest project activities), a shared Project Calendar, and a Project Dashboard that provides a quick and comprehensive overview of upcoming tasks, milestones, meetings, and other project-related activities.