AI for Project Management

Updated: July 31, 2023

AI for project management refers to the integration of artificial intelligence technologies and techniques into project management processes. By leveraging AI, project management tools can automate repetitive tasks, optimize resource allocation, and provide valuable insights for better decision-making. AI-powered project management platforms can analyze historical project data, identify patterns, and predict potential risks and delays, allowing project managers to proactively address issues and adjust project plans as needed. Furthermore, AI can enhance team collaboration by providing real-time communication and coordination, enabling remote teams to work together more effectively. With AI's ability to process and analyze vast amounts of data, AI for project management holds significant promise in improving project efficiency, reducing costs, and enhancing project success rates.

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2023. Atlassian brings an AI assistant to Jira and Confluence

Atlassian has introduced Atlassian Intelligence, an AI-powered 'virtual teammate' that utilizes the company's proprietary models and OpenAI's large language models to create customized teamwork graphs. This technology enables various functionalities, such as AI-generated summaries in Confluence and test plans in Jira Software, as well as the rewriting of responses to customers in Jira Service Management. Atlassian Intelligence provides users with a chatbox similar to Chat-GPT, which is deeply integrated into different products and allows for the referencing of specific documents. For instance, to generate a summary of action items from a recent meeting, users can link the document with the transcript and request the summary inside Confluence. The tool then generates a list of decisions and action items from the meeting.

2023. Asana launches new work intelligence tools with AI on the way

Asana has announced a new set of dashboards to give managers the data they need to make sure projects are staying on budget and meeting goals. This involves providing a single view of strategic initiatives, team capacity and budgets. It builds on the graph model that underlies the entire Asana platform, but the company is working to bring artificial intelligence to the process to make it even smarter. The next step will be using AI to generate the portfolios of the things that you care about instantaneously. So having them become smarter and smarter, but the fact that they can be at any level across an entire organization, that is part of this new launch

2021. Forecast nabs $19M for its AI-based approach to project management and resource planning

Forecast, a platform utilizing AI for project management and resource planning, has successfully secured $19 million in funding. In essence, it leverages artificial intelligence to analyze and integrate data from various enterprise applications, allowing for a comprehensive understanding of projects and potential outcomes. Currently, the Forecast platform offers 26 integrations with popular project management tools such as Salesforce, Gitlab, Google Calendar, and even Asana. However, given the fragmented nature of the market and the potential insights from numerous other resources and apps, it is likely that this list will expand to cater to the evolving needs of customers and to enhance the accuracy of the overall project analysis.

2020. Wrike launches new AI tools to keep your projects on track

Project management service Wrike has announced a significant platform update during its user conference. The update introduces various AI capabilities aimed at ensuring individual projects stay on track and meet deadlines. Additionally, new solutions have been introduced to cater to the needs of marketers and project management offices in large corporations. With the latest enhancements, Wrike can now predict potential delays and notify project and team leaders of any indications of potential issues. AI-powered task prioritization assists users in identifying the most crucial tasks that require immediate attention, facilitating project progress. Another noteworthy addition is the support for optical character recognition, enabling users to scan printed and handwritten notes from their phones and attach them to specific tasks (available on iOS only). Moreover, voice commands (via Siri on iOS) and smart replies resembling Gmail's functionality (available in English for iOS and Android) have also been introduced.

2019. Forecast raises $5.5M for its AI-powered project management software

Forecast, a startup hailing from Denmark, recently secured $5.5 million in fresh funding for its project management software, which is infused with artificial intelligence (AI). With this new investment, Forecast's total funding now stands at $10 million. The company positions itself as an AI-driven project management solution that automates labor-intensive project management tasks. Additionally, it enhances project management by providing greater visibility and predictive capabilities. The primary objective is to foster improved collaboration among teams by optimizing workflows and refining planning processes. Forecast leverages its powerful AI to gather and consolidate data from various systems such as Trello, Slack, Gdrive, Githum, and Salesforce. The end result is a human-readable representation of this synthesized information.

2019. Zoho brings Zia AI assistant to its project management app

Zoho's AI-based chatbot, Zia, has now been integrated into Zoho Projects, enabling streamlined activities within the platform. With its conversational interface, Zia provides immediate responses to inquiries regarding tasks, issues, and events modules in Zoho Projects. Additionally, Zia can offer suggestions and recommendations based on your project-related activities. For instance, if you're pressed for time and need to quickly access your upcoming events, you can simply chat with Zia and request, "Zia, list my upcoming events." In response, Zia will promptly provide a list of all your upcoming events. Furthermore, you can ask Zia for task and issue details, such as information on active tasks, task status, task due dates, unassigned tasks, overdue tasks, user details, tasks within a task list, and similar issue-related information. Zia aims to enhance user productivity and efficiency within Zoho Projects by delivering instant and relevant assistance.