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Zoho Campaigns
Create, send and track effective email campaigns that help you build lasting relationships with your customers. Focus on building a relationship with your customers. Automate your email marketing with email workflows and autoresponders.
Zoho Campaigns alternatives are:
AWeber, MailChimp, Constant Contact
Here are the latest news about Zoho Campaigns:

2015 Email marketing service Zoho Campaigns is available on Android

Until now Zoho Campaigns allowed only iPhone users to manage their email campaigns using mobile app. Now they announce the same app for Android. All of the key features available in the iPhone app are now available for Android, including instant access to your email campaigns, mailing lists and​ subscribers, comprehensive views of all reports and sharing features, ability to manage your contacts and subscriber lists, offline access to continue working even without an Internet connection. Additionally, Android users can stay on schedule by receiving mobile notifications alerting them that their campaigns are ready to send. Even when traveling, you can now deliver your completed campaigns to your subscribers from the convenience of your smartphone.

2015 Zoho Campaigns becomes multilingual

Email marketing service Zoho Campaigns is now translated into multiple languages. Along with English, you can now use Zoho Campaigns in Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese. For now only user interface is translated by Zoho invites users to desing multilingual templates also.  This update comes as welcome news for users taking advantage of the Zoho Campaigns + Zoho CRM integration. Users can now use both products in the same language. Recently Zoho announced free 10-user CRM edition. Zoho Campaigns also provides attractive free option. You can start with 2,000 contacts and send up to 12,000 emails/month in the free plan.

2013 Zoho CEO: Salesforce acquires, acquires, acquires, while we build, build, build

Yesterday, Salesforce agreed to pay $2.5 billion for ExactTarget, and of course, Zoho chief, Sridhar Vembu, could not silently pass this event. Five years ago Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff tried to buy Zoho, and being refused, banned them on Force.com platform. So Sridhar loves to troll Mark, and yesterday he was on a roll. Here are the most interesting quotes from his speech:

"ExactTarget, which competes with our Zoho Campaigns product, has about 1600 employees, while all of Zoho Corp has about 1600 employees. By way of comparison, Salesforce has nearly 10,000 employees, and they are adding those additional 1600 employees today. With all that headcount, they still don’t have the breadth and depth of Zoho."

"ExactTarget has lost money for years and Salesforce is not exactly a profit-machine either – they spend over 65% of their revenue on sales, marketing and administration. Most acquisitions fail, but in this case, maybe the two companies do have a deep cultural fit, because they both know how to spend loads and loads of money to “acquire” customers while never turning a profit."

"Zoho Campaigns is now enjoying rapid growth and market acceptance, thanks to its nice feature set and the integration we offer with Zoho CRM. To get that same level of integration, Salesforce is shelling out $2.5 billion. But you know what?  I am a software engineer and I say with confidence that integration projects on the scale needed to integrate ExactTarget into Salesforce are extremely difficult to pull off in any reasonable time frame. Salesforce has done these deals before, without ever integrating them."

"About 3 years ago, Salesforce acquired Heroku, shelling out $212 million for the company. Visit Heroku.com and see if you can detect any sign of Salesforce anywhere. Visit Do.com and Desk.com – both of which Salesforce acquired a while ago – yeah, there is nice logo level integration, I will give them points for that. Try to sign in with your Salesforce account in any of these sites."

"The Salesforce playbook is simple. Benioff feels restless, he sees stagnation, sees companies like Zoho continuing to innovate, he just goes out and does a blockbuster deal to feel good, more money the better. And if you are a Salesforce customer, you are going to have to pay for this acquisition"

2012 Zoho Campaigns - new app for email and social marketing

Despite the recent closure of some apps, Zoho still continues to create new ones. Today Zoho Campaigns is launching. It allows send email-campaigns to customers and centrally post messages to social networks (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn). And most importantly - it collects the statistics of these marketing campaigns so you can analize their effectiveness. For example, the service shoss you how many emails were opened, how many people clicked the link, clicked Like, added a comment, or told their friends about your message. For email-campaigns Zoho Campaigns provides a collection of beautiful templates, so you do not have to worry about the design. The contact database can be imported from CSV, from Zoho CRM or from GMail / Google Contacts. There is a free version - it allows to import up to 500 contacts and send them up to 2500 emails per month. The paid version starts at $5/month (for 500 contacts and unlimited messages).