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Last updated: March 19, 2022

Online Survey software enables companies to create online polls and surveys to capture customer feedback, understand it in real-time, and take action to improve the customer experience
Create and publish online surveys in minutes, and view results graphically and in real time. SurveyMonkey provides free online questionnaire and survey service. Build your own surveys or choose from our templates. Choose how to distribute and start collecting responses. Use our powerful analytical tools for intelligent insights.
Typeform makes asking questions easy, human & beautiful. Create awesome online forms with Typeform, the FREE online survey tool that makes asking questions easy, human & beautiful.
Online Survey Software & Insight Platform. Keeping a pulse on your customers doesn't have to be hard. Qualtrics survey software makes it easy to track customer satisfaction, loyalty, and feedback. As the top online survey platform to academic institutions and market researchers everywhere, conducting marketing research has never been easier. Qualtrics makes it easier, faster, and more affordable to conduct 360-degree employee assessments and get 360 feedback.
Create a form and collect the responses in a Google Docs spreadsheet. To get started view all templates or click on one of the categories below. It's free
Easy-to-use online form builder for every business. Create online forms and publish them. Get an email for each response. Collect data.
Microsoft Forms is an online survey creator, part of Office 365. Forms allows users to create surveys and quizzes with automatic marking.
Wufoo's online form builder helps you create custom forms in minutes. Use Wufoo to create registration forms, application forms, surveys, contact forms, ...
Alchemer takes the voice of the customer out of dashboards and puts it into the hands of your people. So they can build the customer ecosystem. So they can engage at the front lines. So they can workflow, integrate and report.
LimeSurvey - the free and open source survey software tool written in PHP based on a MySQL, PostgreSQL or MSSQL database. LimeSurvey has a lot of features and contains everything you need for doing nearly every survey with grace.
Medallia enables companies to capture customer feedback, understand it in real-time, and take action to improve the customer experience (CX). Medallia makes it possible by systematically engaging everyone: your customers, your frontline, and your leadership.
  on Live Enterprise
Software that enables organizations to conduct customer and employee feedback, and market research programs. Our customers are primarily Global 5000 companies and Market Research agencies worldwide, who rely on our wide range of products for feedback/data collection, panel management, data processing, analysis, and reporting.
Easily create professional online surveys. Gather opinions, analyze data and make smarter decisions. Our easy-to-use editor takes complexity out of your way and allows you to focus on the content on your surveys. Zoho Survey’s custom iPad app lets you create quick surveys and access your reports on the iPad.
Pollfish is a survey platform which provides access to millions of smartphone users. If you can create a facebook profile you can create a survey with Pollfish. Pollfish reaches millions of smartphone users who are ready to take your survey. Get real-time results from a wide variety of audiences.
Customer Satisfaction Software & Survey Tool. Easiest way to collect feedback from customers and employees with stunning CSAT, CES & NPS Surveys.

Latest news about Online Survey software

2021. Attest raises $60M to expand its no-code approach to research-surveys-as-a-service

Surveys have long been used by marketing teams and other business decision makers to learn how customers tick. But they can be costly to put together, hard to run at scale, and, at the end of the day, are only as credible as the data that gets put into them. Today, a London startup called Attest, which has built a cloud-based, no-code, big-data solution that it believes provides an answer to those challenges, is announcing $60M funding, in the wake of record business growth in the last couple of years. The startup has built out a massive database that is aggregated from hundreds of individual panels, user groups and more, altogether totaling 110 million consumers across 49 countries. Its promise is that any user (no tech expertise required) can create a survey within minutes to target any segment of users that it wants out of that bigger pool and will get responses back in 24 hours if not sooner.

2021. Atheneum nabs $150M to build out its “research as a service” platform for virtual surveys and interviews

Atheneum, which provides a platform for companies to conduct and analyze research sourced through virtual interviews and surveys with stakeholders (that is, research solutions that include qualitative expert consultations, quantitative surveys and big data products to parse the results), has closed $150 million in funding. Presenting this platform as a SaaS-style cloud service, which combines both technology and human interaction to better tailor it to the needs of the clients as needed — and of course alongside the humans who are providing the raw data in the first place — fits in with how a lot of businesses want to engage with technology and IT services these days. That will mean an increasing number of competitors to Atheneum that will be looking to leverage their own reach and tools to dive deeper into the “research-as-a-service” space. That could include more activity from survey and direct marketing companies like SurveyMonkey or Mailchimp, or even companies like Salesforce or Microsoft’s LinkedIn that want to build an ever-bigger set of tools to help people do business more efficiently.

2021. Great Question gets $2.5M seed round to make customer research easier

Customer research is invaluable for software companies, but there are many obstacles, like finding the right group of people to survey. Great Question, a startup that wants to make building and talking to their own panels accessible to all companies, no matter their size, has raised $2.5 million in seed funding. The platform has been used to interview customers about product ideas and strategy, find product-market fit, conduct usability studies on UX designs and see how well marketing landing pages perform. Great Question has almost all of the things needed for customer research — survey smart templates, prototype tests, scheduling tools and transcription — in one place, so teams can share information easily. One of its most important features is customer recruitment and filtering tools.

2021. User Interviews, the CRM for qualitative user research, raises $10M

User Interviews, that has built a CRM for product research teams to get user feedback, has closed on a $10 million Series A round. It often takes companies weeks, if not months, to conduct a study around user research. The company decided to build out a platform that would procure subjects for research quickly and effectively, using an algorithm to pair qualified, engaged participants with the client. The product became Recruit, and ran on an a la carte model. To complement Recruit, the team also launched Research Hub, which is a CRM and recruiting tool for research teams to manage their panels. To be clear, User Interviews doesn’t run the surveys or A/B tests themselves, but rather helps companies manage participants and. logistics for those studies.

2020. UserLeap raises $16M to bring better qualitative data to Product managers

Product managers can only be successful if they can make effective use of both quantitative and qualitative data. But mapping the former to the latter, and collecting high-quality data, is a huge challenge to organizations looking to rapidly productize and innovate. UserLeap thinks it has found a better way and it has closed $16 million Series A. UserLeap offers product teams the ability to put a short line of code into their product that then delivers contextual micro-surveys to users right within the product. The company says that these micro-surveys usually see a 20% to 30% response rate, and sometimes that even pops all the way to 90%. Plus, the UserLeap dashboard processes the natural language from respondents and organizes the data. For example, if one user references price and another references cost, those responses are grouped together.

2020. SurveyGizmo changes name to Alchemer

SurveyGizmo, the leader in customer experience (CX) and voice-of-the-customer (VOC) technology has changed its company name to Alchemer. The new name change better reflects the company’s mission in helping businesses transform into customer-centric organizations. The Alchemer platform provides survey, workflow, audience, communication, and analysis tools to allow any size organization to collect, integrate, and act on the voice of their customer. Alchemer also delivers industry-first solutions, such as Activated NPS and Sales Motion Optimizer, that further personalize the engagement businesses have with their customers to drive actionable feedback.

2017. Google Forms get intelligent response validation

Google unveiled update to its service for building online surveys Google Forms. Among the new features is an intelligent response validation that will automatically suggest the right kind of response validation for your various fields. If you are asking for an email address, for example, Forms will suggest to choose the aptly named “Accept emails only” option. The same goes for URLs, age and similar fields. Forms users will now also be able to solicit file uploads from users outside of their company — but only if both your company and your respondent’s company allow cross-domain file sharing in Google Drive. Google also is introducing a new question type: the checkbox grid. This allows respondents to pick from multiple options in a table. Also new in Forms are settings which you can apply to all of your new forms. With this, you can choose to always collect email addresses, for example. Users can now also reorder their sections with just a few clicks.

2015. Mobile survey platform Pollfish scores $2.5M

Mobile survey platform Pollfish has closed a Series A funding round of $2.5 million.  Offering a platform that lets anybody push a survey or poll out to mobile app users, and as a means for publishers/app makers to generate revenue as an alternative to forms of advertising, the startup claims a reach of 120 million users within the last 12 months. For those wanting to run a survey, Pollfish provides a “DIY survey tool” which allows anyone to create a survey, select a target audience and start receiving results in real-time. For developers wishing to integrate Pollfish and monetise their wares via running surveys, the company offers an Android and iOS SDK.

2014. Zoho Survey got fully customizable themes

Customer survey tool Zoho Survey adds customizable themes that allow to roll up your sleeves and get creative with design. Now you can add your company logo to the background or header, choose the colors that represent your brand. You can customize every part of a theme, right down to the submit button on your survey. There is absolutely no coding involved. After spending time creating your amazing design, you can save your theme to use again on future surveys. Company says that the brand personality coupled with good looking surveys enable to grab customer attention and get better responses. Surveys help you engage with customers for feedback so let your personality shine through in your surveys to connect with the people that matter to your business.

2014. Google Forms expanded functionality thanks to add-ons

Online form and survey creation tool Google Forms gets add-ons for Forms - new tools, created by developer partners, that deliver even more features to your surveys (just like add-ons for Docs and Sheets). Add-ons bring handy extras to your survey building experience, like setting a survey end date, sending custom emails based on responses, storing lists of choices that you frequently add to questions, and more. For example add-on formLimiter allows to close your survey automatically, after a maximum number of responses is reached, or at a date and time of your choosing. And add-on Ultradox Trigger allows to create custom emails, reports, invoices, newsletters, etc., based on information that people enter into your form.

2014. SurveyMonkey invested in mobile feedback service Apptentive

Online survey service SurveyMonkey led the Series A funding of Apptentive, a company offering in-app feedback tools that allow developers to engage an app’s users, communicate directly, request reviews and more. Looks like SurveyMonkey will now partner with Apptentive in order to provide “technical and product interactions” for mobile customers. Apptentive competes with a host solutions on the market, including those from Appsfire, Appboy, Helpshift, Mixpanel, Localytics, and more. One of Apptentive’s differentiating features it a proprietary measurement it calls “Love Score” which allows app developers to see how well their own app is loved, as compared with the rest of the app ecosystem. Love Score reports offer a variety of customer insights, including how popular an app is versus others, analysis of app store reviews, reviewer quality and bias, and more.

2014. Online survey service Typeform raises €1.2M

Typeform, the startup that allows to create user-friendly surveys and other types of online forms has raised a €1.2 million. Typeform’s service aims to make it easy to create device agnostic web forms. The emphasis is not only on making sure they look great and have a good User Experience, therefore increasing engagement, but, with the help of modern web standards, work across a range of devices, not least touchscreen phones and tablets. The result are forms that look beautiful and focus the user by presenting one question or form element at a time — going someway to dulling the pain of data entry (and form creation, itself), as well as helping to increase completion rates. In addition, the startup plans to release an open API so that developers can programatically build forms.

2014. Google Forms adds professional themes

Google Forms, the service for creating online forms and surveys, is finally getting a professional makeover thanks to the addition of themes. From now users can select professionally designed custom themes with images reflecting a variety of social activities (like sailing, biking, camping, and more, or choose from more generic images like party banners, cars, books...) and further edit them by selecting their own fonts and colors, choosing a background, as well as uploading their own photos. There are also simple themes with just a white background and colorful fonts for those forms that don’t need a banner image but could still benefit from a better-designed look-and-feel.

2014. Zoho Survey allows to analyze survey results in real-time with Google Spreadsheet

Online survey tool Zoho Survey adds a new integration with Google Spreadsheet that pushes your survey results to Google in real time. Now you can view and analyze survey responses to your heart’s content in that familiar spreadsheet interface. Thus you can visualize the results in a variety of different ways, generate custom or personalized reports and share the sheet with anyone. Sharing the spreadsheet gives chosen individuals or teams the flexibility to collaborate with you and work on your reports. In addition, your spreadsheet is saved on Google Drive so you can view survey results both online as well as offline. It takes only a simple click of a button to integrate your survey results in Google Spreadsheet. You can select whether you want the results in a new sheet or an existing sheet.

2014. SurveyMonkey acquires competitor FluidSurveys

SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading online survey platform, today announced the acquisition of Fluidware, a provider of online survey and application review tools FluidSurveys and FluidReview. This highly complementary acquisition will extend SurveyMonkey’s global reach, particularly into the attractive Canadian market where Fluidware is an industry leader,” said Dave Goldberg, SurveyMonkey CEO. “We look forward to working alongside the talented Fluidware team as we continue to execute on our strategy to attract new customers, access new territories and leverage leading technologies that help further our mission of helping our customers make better decisions.

2011. SurveyMonkey acquires competitor Zoomerang

How do you acquire your biggest rival if you don’t have the cash? Answer: Partner with a private equity firm. SurveyMonkey has done just that, buying MarketTools’ products Zoomerang, ZoomPanel, and TrueSample through a partnership with TPG Capital. The ZoomPanel acquisition will grow SurveyMonkey’s fledgling online panel service from 500,000 panelists to a total of 2.5 million, making it significantly more valuable to businesses looking to conduct deep market research. TrueSample will help improve the quality of SurveyMonkey’s research by removing fake and duplicate responses, terminating disengaged respondents, and verifying survey accuracy through SurveyScore’s technology.