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Todoist lets you manage your tasks anywhere. At home. At school. At work. Online. Offline. And on 13 platforms and devices. Collaborate on shared tasks. Access tasks everywhere.

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#4 in Top 10 Productivity software


The best alternatives to Todoist are: TickTick, Things, Trello, Asana, Microsoft To-Do, Google Tasks, Evernote, Omnifocus

Latest news about Todoist

2019. Todoist introduced task sections and imroved task page

Task lists in Todoist have evolved beyond a never-ending series of checkboxes. Now, you have the ability to create sections within your projects. This enables you to seamlessly move tasks from one section to another and conveniently collapse sections that are not currently needed. Labels in Todoist have undergone an update as well, now organized into two categories: personal labels and shared labels with your co-workers. Moreover, Todoist has introduced a new task view on both desktop and mobile platforms, offering a centralized location for all task-related actions. From this view, you can modify due dates and priority levels, access comments, add labels, and perform other relevant tasks. Furthermore, this enhanced view provides a comprehensive overview of all the subtasks associated with a specific task.

2017. Todoist launched integration with Google Calendar

Task manager Todoist is introducing a comprehensive two-way integration with Google Calendar. Once you connect your Todoist account with Google Calendar, any tasks with due dates will seamlessly appear in your calendar. If you have specified a particular time for a task, it will be displayed as an event in your calendar. For recurring tasks, multiple events will be created accordingly. Moreover, you can effortlessly click on your calendar events to make edits, rearrange them, and all the changes will be synchronized back to Todoist. This integration provides you with a convenient calendar view of your tasks, directly within your calendar. It also serves as an effective means for others to contribute to your calendar through shared projects, enabling them to add items and collaborate seamlessly.

2016. Todoist applied machine learning to predict your task due dates

The popular task management tool Todoist has introduced machine learning capabilities to help users effectively reschedule tasks and balance their workload. A new "Reschedule" button now appears alongside the overdue tasks section. By leveraging various data points, the service provides intelligent suggestions for new due dates for these overdue tasks. This functionality extends to unscheduled tasks as well. Todoist learns from your habits and patterns. For recurring tasks, such as errands, Todoist remembers your typical completion times and assigns them to the appropriate day. Additionally, if you have a substantial number of upcoming tasks, Todoist ensures an even distribution, enabling you to accomplish your tasks efficiently. Moreover, Todoist recognizes when you pause your work or stop completing tasks, preventing it from suggesting rescheduling overdue tasks to the current day if it's already late.

2016. Todoist adds new collaboration features

Task management service Todoist has announced a comprehensive revamp of its collaboration features, aiming to transform the Todoist Business version into a comprehensive task management solution for enterprise users. One notable enhancement is the introduction of an activity log accessible to all team members, allowing for easy tracking of newly assigned tasks, new comments, and more. The activity log offers powerful filtering options, enabling users to sort by dates, individuals, projects, and actions. It functions as a centralized feed, providing a comprehensive overview of all activities taking place across various projects. Additionally, Todoist now enables users to attach notes to specific projects, ensuring that important information remains accessible beyond task completion. This feature proves particularly valuable, as task comments tend to disappear once a task is marked as completed. Lastly, the quick add feature has received a revised user interface, benefiting all Todoist users, not just team members.

2015. Todoist redesigned its web app

The web app of the popular task management service Todoist has undergone a redesign, incorporating a more contemporary look with increased whitespace and a flat design. The checkboxes now have a rounded shape, and subtle animations are present when hovering over icons. This new design aligns it closer to Todoist's iOS and Android apps, which is a positive development. Additionally, Todoist has introduced natural language processing to the web app. Previously limited to mobile devices, this feature enables users to add tasks with due dates using a single sentence. For instance, by writing "Take out the trash every Sunday," Todoist will create a recurring task titled "Take out the trash." While natural language processing is especially beneficial on mobile, offering feature parity across platforms avoids any confusion when attempting to perform actions exclusively available on mobile. It is worth highlighting that this feature supports 14 different languages.

2015. Task manager Todoist launches new Android app

Popular task manager Todoist has recently undergone a significant Android update, featuring a completely redesigned user interface and a range of efficient new features. The app has transitioned to Material Design, aligning its interface more seamlessly with Google's operating system. Additionally, the update incorporates natural language processing and intuitive gestures for streamlined task management. Users can now easily add tasks with due dates to their current to-do lists, as Todoist intelligently parses natural language date input. For example, by typing phrases like "Buy milk tomorrow" or "Go for a run every Friday," the app will automatically create tasks ("Buy milk" or "Go for a run") with corresponding single or recurring due dates. Similar to Mailbox and similar apps, swiping to the right completes a task, while swiping to the left reschedules it. The update also includes streamlined features for adding collaborators, creating subtasks, and more.

2014. ToDoist arrives on Android Wear smartwatches

ToDoist has made its popular to-do app compatible with smaller screens by introducing support for Android Wear watches. The Android Wear version of ToDoist is now available as part of the free app. Once installed on an Android Wear watch and synced wirelessly with a phone or tablet, users can utilize voice commands to create tasks by saying, "OK Google, start Todoist. Add task." These tasks will automatically synchronize with the connected Android phone and be added to the task list. As ToDoist leverages cloud-based data synchronization, any tasks added from the watch will be accessible through ToDoist on various platforms, including the web, other Android devices, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows, Mac, Chrome, and more. Additionally, ToDoist offers location-based notifications for tasks. For instance, if you have a task to pick up milk and are approaching the supermarket, your watch may vibrate to remind you.

2014. ToDoist Karma will motivate you to achieve your goals

Todoist Karma serves as a personal Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that monitors your progress in task management and presents it visually through vibrant, easily comprehensible graphs based on daily and weekly patterns. This feature is now accessible on iOS and Android devices, along with other Todoist platforms such as Gmail, Windows, or Google Chrome. With the latest update, you can establish goals for the number of tasks you aim to complete on a daily or weekly basis, and successfully achieving these goals will significantly boost your Karma. Todoist keeps track of the number of days or weeks you have accomplished your goals, and maintaining consecutive "streaks" will lead to notable positive Karma. Additionally, Todoist Karma now offers support for Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, allowing you to showcase your Karma wherever and whenever you find the most motivation.

2014. ToDoist launched enterprise version

Popular task-management service ToDoist has introduced the Enterprise version of its product, called ToDoist For Business. This version retains the familiar interface of the regular version while offering enterprise-focused features. These include an administrator account that allows the addition or removal of employees, as well as management of payments and invoices. It also provides access to a contact list and a team inbox for all users, task management tools with multiple reminders, support for integrated file sharing with Dropbox and Google Drive, and real-time synchronization across 13 platforms, including ToDoist's Android and iOS apps, as well as plug-ins for Outlook and Gmail. Priced at $3 per user per month, ToDoist for Business will face competition from various other enterprise task management software, such as Producteev, Asana, Flow, Trello, and Evernote.

2014. Todoist becomes one of the best task managers

Task management and collaboration services have been around for a considerable period of time. One might assume that the early entrants in this market would have refined their design and functionality over the years, leading to a monopolization of the industry. After all, task management seems like a relatively straightforward process. However, it is interesting to observe that new task managers consistently rise to prominence almost every year. Perhaps, as these services amass millions of users, they begin to expand their functionality (in response to user demands), losing some of their original simplicity and elegance. This is where new, simple, and visually appealing services come into play. Presently, one of the most fashionable and popular task managers is Todoist. Over the past couple of years, it has experienced significant success as a personal organizer and has recently added collaborative task management capabilities. In addition to its aesthetic appeal and user-friendly interface, Todoist boasts broad platform and device compatibility, including Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Chrome, Outlook, and Gmail, among others. Todoist is available in both free and paid versions, with the paid version priced at $29 USD per year. The primary limitations of the free version are the inability to attach files to tasks and perform task searches.