Taplytics is #15 in Top 0 Mobile Analytics Services

Last updated: October 17, 2014
Mobile A/B testing that just works. Taplytics is the only platform that delivers a comprehensive suite of tools that is proven to drive revenue. Enabling your whole team to find insights that make your app more profitable.

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#15 in Top 0 Mobile Analytics Services


The best alternatives to Taplytics are: Apptimize, Google Analytics, Flurry

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2014. Mobile A/B testing service Taplytics adds Android support

A/B testing service for mobile apps Taplytics adds support for Android apps (the service was previously iOS-only) and an analytics product called Taplytics Insights (wuch gives customers key indicators like acquisition, engagement, cohort and retention analysis and activation analysis without any instrumentation). Service like Taplytics allow developers to test variations of their app interface and code, and to make those changes without going through the App Store approval and update process. (There are a number of other startups focused on mobile testing, including Apptimize — and Optimizely).