Top 6 Pivotal alternatives

Last updated: August 22, 2014
Pivotal is the leading enterprise PaaS, powered by Cloud Foundry. It delivers an always-available, turnkey experience for scaling and updating PaaS on the private cloud. Pivotal is enabling the creation of modern software applications that leverage big & fast data – on a single, cloud independent platform.

The best Pivotal alternatives:


Cloud Foundry


Amazon Web Services



Latest news about Pivotal

2014. Pivotal brings its cloud services to Mobile

Pivotal, the enterprise cloud platform, is launching new services for mobile development that are designed to work side-by-side with the company’s previously announced data services. The new CF Mobile Service will include push notifications, an API gateway and data-sync services. The service also offers IT the ability to set different policies and service level agreements to ensure that the data remain under the enterprise’s control. Pivotal CF is based on the company’s open source Cloud Foundry PaaS. Given its heritage, it’s no surprise that Pivotal CF supports a wide range of open-source tools (and especially databases), including database services like MongoDB, Riak, Apache Cassandra and the Neo4j graph database.

2014. GE becomes Big Data provider

Last year, General Electric invested $105 million in Big Data platform Pivotal. Now it’s starting to deploy Pivotal’s big data analytics capabilities both in house and to buyers of its jet engines. Using Pivotal’s Big Data Suite and EMC’s appliances, GE built out its own capability first for its aviation group in 90 days, which then connected up to 25 airline customers to make use of all that data and analytics. Aggregating data from 15,000 flights yielded 14 GB of information per flight, which could then be analyzed in a reasonable amount of time. Using traditional methods it could take 30 days to sort through data required to figure out a maintenance issue. Now major analytics can be run in 20 minutes.

2014. Pivotal adds new enterprise features to its PaaS platform

Pivotal, the provider of Cloud Foundry based PaaS platform is adding features to appeal to big companies wanting to build and deploy their own applications across multiple clouds. For example, Pivotal CF users can now deploy applications in dual availability zones across clouds to boost redundancy and it has gussied up its dashboards to reflect real-time application status. PivotalCF is part of Pivotal’s push which also incorporates other technologies contributed by Pivotal parent companies EMC and VMware. They include EMC’s Greenplum big data analytics, Pivotal Labs’ agile development, Cetas analytics, VMware’s vFabric and Cloud Foundry.