Lavu is #10 in Top 10 Restaurant software

Lavu’s iPad POS software contains business specific features that go far beyond what is expected from a standard restaurant point of sale system. A comprehensive routing and delivery system, pizza building module, bluetooth scale integration, remote accesible reports, and extensive customer managment are only a few examples of how Lavu can help you succeed. Lavu is not just for restaurants, we help a variety of businesses:

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#10 in Top 10 Restaurant software


The best alternatives to Lavu are: Toast POS, Square, TouchBistro

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2015. iPad POS software Lavu raised $15M

Lavu, a provider of iPad-centric point of sale systems, has successfully raised $15 million in new funding, with Aldrich Capital Partners leading the investment. Lavu offers a modern and tailored solution specifically designed for the unique requirements of restaurants, bars, nightclubs, quick-serve establishments, and other businesses in the hospitality industry. Notably, Lavu achieved profitability just two months after its inception. The company operates on a revenue model that includes a licensing fee, averaging around $1,000 per point of sale (POS) terminal, along with a recurring monthly fee based on the restaurant's size. Presently, Lavu is being utilized by over 4,000 restaurants across 86 countries, with regions like Australia, Thailand, and Singapore demonstrating particularly high adoption rates. Unlike Square, another popular POS option for restaurant owners, Lavu does not impose service provider transaction fees. This distinction is crucial, as a 2 percent transaction fee, on average, can quickly accumulate for businesses processing substantial monthly transaction volumes in the tens of thousands.