Top 4 Facebook Ads alternatives

Last updated: October 11, 2016
Facebook Ads
Engage people where they're already engaged. On Facebook, you can target your ads to exactly the people you'd like to connect with. A powerful tool for managing your Facebooks Ads and sponsored stories. Monitor likes, click-through rates, impressions, reach and more.

The best Facebook Ads alternatives:

Google Ads

Twitter Ads

LinkedIn Ads


Latest news about Facebook Ads

2016. Facebook tests ads in Groups

Facebook is going to serve ads to the 1 billion users of its Groups feature.  The ads will look the same as News Feed ads. They’ll be targeted by Group topic as well as the standard identity-based targeting. It’s that diversity of purposes that could boost the value of Groups ads. If Facebook can find a way to reliably categorize the Groups to enhance ad targeting, it could reach people of different interests with highly relevant and lucrative ads. For example, if someone likes Manchester United football team’s Page it indicates that he is likely to buy sports merchandise.

2015. Facebook partners with IBM to make ads targeting easier for big brands

Facebook and IBM announced that they will put some of their advertising tools and experts together to help big companies more closely personalize their marketing to customers. The partnership should boost the relevancy of ads. Theoretically, an avertiser might use IBM's data to determine current customers it wants to target through marketing in e-mail and Facebook. Or a sporting brand might work with IBM and Facebook to target real-time Facebook ads to customers who are currently at a game, based on IBM's location data. The collaboration allows the two Big Blues to double down on big advertisers. The partnership should add an incentive for IBM's Fortune 500 roster of clients to come closer to Facebook, which is looking for more advertising revenue. IBM, in turn, can now take advantage of the incredible wealth of data about consumers that Facebook collects.

2015. Facebook launched automated Product Ads

Facebook added new option Product Ads, a set of tools that lets businesses more effectively target Facebook's 1.4 billion or so users with a new, automated process. With Product Ads, businesses who upload their product catalogs to Facebook can manually create ad campaigns or let Facebook to automatically create campaigns and target various kinds of users with ads it thinks will perform well, based on things like a user's interests, general location and whether they've already been to the advertiser's app or website. Product Ads could prove useful to businesses with deep inventories of attractive products: furniture chains, clothing franchises and so on. (For one, those multi-product ads increase the odds of users finding items to buy.)

2014. Facebook launches hyper-local ads

Facebook Ads added hyper-local targeting that can convince people to visit stores and other businesses nearby. Soon, brick-and-mortar businesses will be able to target ads to anyone who lives or was recently within a specific distance of their store. Advertisers can set a radius as small as a mile and the ads will show up on people’s phones or web browsers. These new Local Awareness ads will be available for US business owners in a few weeks, and around the globe in the next several months. Facebook now has over 1 billion mobile users, many of which give Facebook access to their location, plus its desktop users who volunteer their current city or can be located by IP address. It even has real-time location on some users in the US thanks to its recently launched ambient proximity feature Nearby Friends.

2014. Facebook takes on Google AdWords with Atlas

Facebook have launched a new advertising platform Atlas that aims at users on any website making use of their Facebook details. Facebook purchased Atlas from Microsoft last year. The service is designed to match Google’s AdWords - it  will allow to publish ads that follow users throughout the web as well as on mobile devices. Advertisers can purchase can purchase ads on websites and apps outside of Facebook and they can choose whether or not to include Facebook social network. Facebook will use not cookies, but user's Facebook log-in information. Though, this is one move that may not sit well with Facebook users, it nonetheless, presents an option to all advertisers, while equally serving as a competition to Google AdWords.