Expensify is #2 in Top 12 Expense Management software

Last updated: July 24, 2015
Simplified expense reporting your employees will love. Streamline the way your employees report expenses, the way expenses are approved, and the way you export that information to your accounting package.

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#2 in Top 12 Expense Management software


The best alternatives to Expensify are: Concur, Freshbooks, Tallie, QuickBooks, Abacus, Wave

Latest news about Expensify

2015. Expensify added new travel site integrations

Expense management service Expensify is taking another step toward making expense reports easier by announcing integrations with a bunch of travel-related services. So instead of forwarding travel receipts to receipts@expensify.com, users can just make their bookings in the partner service of their choice, and the information will automatically be sent to Expensify for reporting. This could save you a bit of a headache when you’re creating the expense report for a business trip, and it also addresses the issue of “leakage,” where an increasing number of people are doing their travel booking outside the standard corporate systems. Expensify’s initial travel partners include NuTravel, Egencia, Locomote, NexTravel, Uber, Priceline, Hipmunk and Rocket Trip. The company also says there are plans to add GetThere, Amadeus, Atlas Travel and Airbnb.

2014. Expense management service Expensify targets Concur customers

Expense management startup Expensify is hoping to win over some new customers thanks to SAP’s acquisition of competitor Concur. To do that, it’s making it free for Concur customers to switch to its platform, and also offering a way for its competition’s users to leverage its products when submitting expenses into Concur. While it’s widely acknowledged that Concur mostly sucks, Expensify is making the argument that things are likely to get worse, just as things usually do when one big organization swallows up another. Even if that’s the case, the problem for most Concur customers is that they are under contract for some amount of time. To convince those organizations to switch over, Expensify is basically offering them its service for free for the length of their remaining Concur contracts.