Convo is #13 in Top 10 Team Messaging platforms

The private enterprise social network for real-time collaboration. Stay connected to your team and projects via this next-generation social business tool. With Convo Chat on mobile, start your morning catch up while you're on the train, or walking to work and continue the conversation on your desktop at work.

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#13 in Top 10 Team Messaging platforms

#20 in Top 21 Enterprise Social Software


The best alternative to Convo is Slack

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2015. Enterprise social network Convo released new mobile apps

A week following the launch of its new web and Mac desktop applications, the collaboration service Convo is now introducing updated versions of its mobile apps. The mobile apps have undergone a redesign to align with the refreshed appearance of the desktop apps. Notable enhancements include an instant search feature that displays results in real-time as you type, improved sharing capabilities, and a new in-app notification center. CEO Faizan Buzdar has expressed that these relaunches signify a complete rebuilding of Convo "from the ground up" and that the company intends to extend these changes across all its platforms.

2015. Collaboration service Convo unveiled new Web and Mac apps

Real-time collaboration service Convo has introduced a revamped web application and a new desktop application for Mac. Although the user interface may appear similar to existing users, the underlying infrastructure has undergone significant changes. Notably, the speed of notifications and updates has reportedly been enhanced by threefold. Additionally, the web application no longer relies on Adobe's Flash or AIR technology, resulting in improved performance and security. The update also introduces an expanded range of integrations, enabling users to automatically share content from popular services such as Gmail, Salesforce, and Twitter. Previously, Convo supported integrations through its API, but now the company has independently developed 200 integrations. To facilitate this, Convo leveraged the capabilities of web automation service Zapier, requiring users to have a Zapier account to utilize the integrations. Similar updates are expected to be implemented in the Convo Windows application in the near future.

2014. Enterprise social network Convo adds chat to iPhone and Android

Finally, Convo, the enterprise social network, has introduced mobile chat functionality, expanding beyond its desktop and web applications. Today, the company is launching a new version of its iOS and Android app, bringing real-time chat capabilities to users even when they are away from their desks. The redesigned Convo Chat aligns with the expectations of an enterprise chat solution. This enhanced offering is now available across web, desktop, and major mobile platforms, assuring users of message security and seamless synchronization across devices. Regardless of whether you're using the desktop or mobile version, you can trust that your messages will be logged and accessible within the chat interface.

2014. Convo adds GIF and in-stream Doc support

Convo, a social platform designed to facilitate real-time messaging and communication within a company, has introduced new features such as GIF support and significantly enhanced document functionality. Users now have the ability to highlight and annotate specific sections of the documents they upload to Convo. Furthermore, they can view complete files directly within the app and link to cloud-based files using platforms like Dropbox and Box. The overall performance of the app has also been improved, reducing the time it takes for users to view images and files across both desktop and mobile applications. Convo competes with other enterprise social networks such as Yammer, Slack, Hipchat, and others, offering extensive real-time and mobile capabilities.