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Last updated: February 13, 2015
Conductor is the undisputed leader of web presence management, inspiring marketers to break their addiction to paid media and create great consumer experiences through digital marketing. The Conductor Searchlight platform transforms a brand’s web presence in ‘unpaid’ channels, like organic search, content and social, into a powerful acquisition method resulting in meaningful traffic and revenue increases.

The best Conductor alternatives:



Latest news about Conductor

2015. Web presence management service Conductor raises $27 Million

Conductor, the web presence management platform that looks to put an end to ads, has today raised $27 million in Series D funding. The company started out as an SEO-based platform, but has watched the transition of the marketing and advertising space and found that it’s not about how much you pay to put content online, but about the quality of the content and the strategy used to share it. Instead of focusing on the price of ad banners and ad words, Conductor looks at the demographics that are drawn or targeted by a certain brand. For example, Huggies is probably targeting adults with youngish children, mostly moms. Conductor then looks at what that demographic clicks on (in almost any demographic, people click far more on unpaid content than they do on advertisements) and helps the brand formulate content and strategy.