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Chartbeat provides real-time analytics for publishers and media content creators. Get live real-time data about your website performance. Whether it's incorporating loyalty insights into your morning meetings or relying on one-glance homepage stats, fire up your strategy with data designed specifically for media sites.

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#16 in Top 10 Web Analytics software


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2014. Chartbeat wants web analytics standards to be open

The real-time web analytics service, Chartbeat, has taken a transparent approach by publicly sharing all the metrics, standards, and measurement methods it employs internally. This includes providing a comprehensive breakdown of the weaknesses and limitations associated with these practices. Tony Haile, the CEO of Chartbeat, believes that the web measurement and analytics industry still heavily relies on secretive tactics and deceptive practices. To combat this, he has chosen to disclose his company's entire measurement process and methods, with the hope that others will follow suit. Traditionally, measurement and analytics companies, as well as the media and publishing companies that constitute their primary clientele, have kept their methodologies private to a large extent. By taking a different approach, Chartbeat aims to promote transparency and encourage a more open sharing of practices within the industry.