Birst is #13 in Top 10 Business Intelligence software

Infor Birst is the only Enterprise BI platform born in the cloud. Find out why more than a thousand businesses rely on Birst for Enterprise BI. Learn to think fast. Enterprise-caliber BI delivers accurate, actionable content in an intuitive, self-service business intelligence environment. It allows users to combine data from different source systems in a single BI platform to get answers to their most pressing business concerns in real time. And, when the questions change, it adapts quickly to the new request.

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#13 in Top 10 Business Intelligence software


The best alternatives to Birst are: Tableau, QlikView, Microsoft Power BI, SiSense, Looker, MicroStrategy, IBM Cognos, SAP Business Objects

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2015. Cloud business intelligence service Birst raises $65M

Birst, a cloud-based business intelligence (BI) platform, has secured an additional $65 million in funding. The primary challenge Birst aims to address is the growing volume of electronic information being collected by businesses, which, when analyzed intelligently, has the potential to drive better strategic decision-making. While companies like IBM and others have been offering business intelligence solutions for some time, the issue lies in the prevalence of on-premise legacy systems that struggle to handle newer forms of data and lack the ability to leverage advanced algorithms for data extraction. Additionally, there is a growing demand for direct access to this information from business users themselves, bypassing the need for extensive involvement from a dedicated data analytics team. Birst's cloud-based BI platform seeks to bridge these gaps by providing a modern and agile solution that empowers businesses to effectively harness their data for informed decision-making.