Azure Arc is #8 in Top 12 Private Cloud platforms

Last updated: December 07, 2019
Cloud platform for customers who want to simplify complex and distributed environments across on-premises, edge and multicloud, Azure Arc enables deployment of Azure services anywhere and extends Azure management to any infrastructure.

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#8 in Top 12 Private Cloud platforms


The best alternatives to Azure Arc are: Google Anthos, VMware vCloud

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2014. Microsoft Azure appliance makes comeback

Microsoft is launching a new Azure appliance that companies or service providers can deploy in their own data centers. Called the Cloud Platform System, the new appliance will run the same Azure APIs, services, hypervisor, and everything as the Azure public cloud and will be able to connect easily to the Azure public cloud. The appliance is especially interesting considering Microsoft’s previous dabbling into the idea of Azure appliances. It has previously floated the idea of selling appliances to a few large service provider partners such as HP, and even launched a program to help web hosts to launch their own versions of Azure. Both of them appear to have fallen along the wayside for various business and technological reasons, but now the appliance is back.

2010. Windows Azure is already sold in boxes

Though there is a big deal of debates around the "private cloud" term (if it's correct to call own data center, optimized with virtualization technology, a "cloud") - no one can deny that these things called "private cloud" are already selling well. The fact is that many companies are still not ready to move their IT infrastructures to public cloud platforms like Amazon EC2 and Windows Azure. But when they are told that "you can take the advantage of Cloud Computing (cost-efficiency, scalability) without any risk for data security, because the cloud will be locked in your office" - they like this. Obviously, private clouds are the necessary intermediate stage of transition companies to "real clouds" and cloud providers have to take a step back so that the process started. So it was with Microsoft. Their cloud platform Windows Azure is not very successful. At the moment this service is used only by 10,000 companies (including those that host their sites on Azure). Meanwhile, Microsoft's competitors - IBM and Cisco with VMWare earn money by selling "private clouds". Today, Microsoft unveiled the Azure Platform Appliance - the cloud platform in a box, which can be installed in own data center. In addition to a strategic partner HP, Microsoft partnered with Dell, and Fujitsu that provide hardware for these boxes. It is interesting that Microsoft decided to deliver boxes, but not a software solution based on Windows Azure and Hyper-V virtualization (which could be deployed on the existing data center hardware). Because the software solution would become a competitor for its own Windows Server.