Top 5 Apprenda alternatives

Last updated: July 23, 2015
Apprenda is a software layer that transforms any infrastructure into a policy-driven, hybrid cloud application platform (PaaS). We empower enterprises to build the best next generation applications faster, using today's skill-sets & investments. PaaS should make it easier to write the first line of code rather than only add value after the last line is written.

The best Apprenda alternatives:

Microsoft Azure

Cloud Foundry


Latest news about Apprenda

2015. Enterprise PaaS company Apprenda raises $24M

Apprenda, an enterprise platform as a service (PaaS) provider has raised a $24 million Series D round led by Safeguard Scientifics. Like other enterprise PaaS services, Apprenda aims to make it easier for enterprise developers to build modern software on top of its infrastructure. What sets the service apart, Apprenda tells us, is that it allows enterprises to work with their existing infrastructure and applications. The company says it plans to use the new funding to hire for its engineering, product, client services and sales teams in order to further the adoption of its enterprise PaaS. “We believe PaaS is only doable one way—the customer’s way,” said Sinclair Schuller, CEO and co-founder of Apprenda, in a canned statement today. “This means our technology had to be built to support everything upstream and downstream from our platform in a highly compatible way. And because of this, our vision of helping enterprises convert their data centers into cloud platforms supercharged for developer productivity has become a reality.”

2014. Apprenda teams with Piston to gain OpenStack support

Enterprise Platform as a Service provider Apprenda, which started out as a .NET-and-Windows-focused Platform-as-a-Service but has since opened up to other languages and technologies, partnered with Piston Cloud (developer of private CloudOS) to get into the OpenStack camp. Together, Apprenda and Piston will deliver a tightly integrated solution that enables agile software development teams to build Java and .NET cloud applications and microservices faster in a true hybrid cloud environment. With more enterprise developers turning to both PaaS and OpenStack solutions than ever before, it makes sense to deliver a powerful joint solution.

2014. PaaS platform Apprenda adds JBoss support

Apprenda, that backs a private PaaS for companies running Java and Windows applications is adding JBoss and Tomcat support for deeper integration with popular Java workloads. Apprenda started out as a Microsoft .NET-centric Platform as a Service (PaaS) for businesses. Then it added Java support, which gave it another perk for enterprise shops — most of which run both Java and Windows applications. JBoss support puts Apprenda into more direct competition with JBoss-owner Red Hat, which is pushing its OpenShift PaaS. Another contender in the private PaaS arena is the Pivotal CF implementation of Cloud Foundry. Private PaaSes run on a company’s internal infrastructure or private cloud, whereas public PaaSes run on public, shared infrastructure like Amazon Web services.