ADP is #4 in Top 10 Talent Management Systems

Fast, easy, and designed specifically for small businesses. From payroll and tax filing to HR, time tracking, and more, ADP helps Small Business succeed. Running a small business is 24/7 job. That’s why we make it easier with simple, reliable small business payroll and expert HR management services to help you make better, more informed decisions about your business.

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#4 in Top 10 Talent Management Systems


The best alternatives to ADP are: Paychex, TriNet, Gusto, Workday, QuickBooks

Latest news about ADP

2018. ADP acquired workforce management service WorkMarket

Payroll provider ADP has acquired WorkMarket, a startup specializing in workforce management software designed for a diverse range of employees and contractors. The software aims to provide a unified interface for efficiently managing an extended workforce, encompassing various workers with different employment statuses, such as contractors, freelancers, and full-time employees. WorkMarket offers comprehensive features including payment systems, extended employee network management, and a marketplace for assembling a workforce that complements a company's operations beyond the scope of traditional full-time employees. This acquisition empowers ADP to offer enterprises an expanded suite of workforce products, strengthening its position as a leading provider of payroll solutions.

2015. Payroll giant ADP cut off Zenefits small business clients

Corporate payroll company ADP has implemented a restriction that prevents small business clients who use the ADP RUN payroll system from sharing data with Zenefits. This decision was made due to concerns about Zenefits' data security practices, as they were found to be extracting sensitive information, including unmasked Social Security numbers and employee banking details, in a manner that does not align with ADP's data security standards. Zenefits expressed their dissatisfaction with ADP's actions, highlighting that this change was sudden and unexpected for their clients. Zenefits offers human resources (HR) services to small and medium businesses and collaborates with various third-party partners, such as ADP, to facilitate tasks like payroll processing and insurance provision.