Whiteboarding software for business

Updated: December 16, 2022

2022. Apple’s Freeform aims to be a collaborative whiteboard for everyone

Apple has announced its so-called Figma Whiteboard competitor called Freeform. While Figma is for people who might already have some design experience, Apple’s Freefrom app caters to all kinds of users who just want to dump their ideas with multiple media formats on a board. On the face of it, Freeform is just a large board with a grid that lets you put different things like text, images, videos, notes, objects, documents and more. Apple wants to provide users with an infinite board and basic tools that hardly requires onboarding. Most folks would have used some of these editing tools like Apple’s own apps like Photos and Notes. Freeform is not just a whiteboard for yourself, but it allows you to collaborate with your teammates too — as long as they are in the Apple ecosystem. You can share the link to your board with others through email, Slack or any other messaging app.

2022. TLDraw offers a collaborative whiteboard without any login

New service TLDraw offers users a collaborative canvas without any login. TLDraw is pretty simple to use from the get-go. It’s a blank infinite canvas that lets you draw lines or objects, write text and insert media like images, videos or GIFs. What’s more, you can easily share this collaborative board with your colleagues through a link. If you don’t want anyone to change the board, you can also share a read-only link. This is like Google Docs, which lets you share the document both with multiple contributors and in a read-only mode. While TLDraw is available for all to use for free, the company also offers developer tools to integrate its canvas. Think of it as “Whiteboard-as-a-service.” Originally TLDraw was launched as an open source project by Steve Ruiz in 2021.

2019. Microsoft Teams added whiteboard and live events support

Microsoft Teams is adding a number of new features that will be coming as it works on native integrations of more of Microsoft’s own tools to give Teams more functionality and more relevance for a wider range of use cases. They include customized backgrounds; and support for cameras to capture content to bring in new ways of interacting in Teams beyond text — something that will be further explored with the eventual integration Microsoft Whiteboard, for people to create and ingest presentations that are hand-written into the system. For those who are either hearing-impaired or cannot use or hear the audio, Microsoft’s adding live captions. Finally, it is adding live events support, which will let users create broadcasts on Teams for up to 10,000 people (who do not need to be registered Teams users to attend).

2015. LogMeIn acquired whiteboard app Zamurai

LogMeIn has bought a popular whiteboard app for the iPad - Zamurai to build out the features of its online collaboration and meeting app join.me. The app, which had won several distinctions in the productivity app category, appears to still be live in the app store, but it looks like that may not be the case for long: LogMeIn says that in the future the Zamurai name will go away and the technology, which has now been integrated into new versions of join.me’s apps for the iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch, will now be offered exclusively through join.me. The current Zamurai users will be offered a migration path with the product completely folded into join.me. In addition to whiteboarding, Zamurai was working on other technologies for real-time visual collaboration, and with the team all coming on to LogMeIn, it could point to further enhancements for join.me down the line.

2012. RealtimeBoard - whiteboard + Balsamiq Mockups + Prezi

Once we reviewed the two best in class (at that time) whiteboarding tools - DabbleBoard and Twiddla. So, on August 31 2012 DabbleBoard will be shut down. But instead, another cool service - RealtimeBoard is launching. Recall, whiteboard - is a virtual online board for collaborative drawing using simple graphical tools, images and graphical objects. Why RealtimeBoard is interesting? First of all, it's really high-quality service (fast and convenient). Besides, it provides three original features. The first - is a library of interface elements, which makes it easy to develop web site and application layouts. It works like the popular service for interface development Balsamiq Mockups, but here you can develop layout collaboratively.

2008. Scriblink makes collaborative drawing easy

Scriblink is a free whiteboard collaboration tool. For a fee, businesses can take their Scriblink board, customize its appearance, then embed code into their company site to launch their branded whiteboard. You can upload an image or photo to mark up or you can type, draw lines and shapes, erase and change colors easily. You have to make sure your browser allows pop-up windows for some of the site’s features. One thing Scriblink doesn’t allow you to do is to save your whiteboard directly to your hard drive. You can either email a link to it to yourself, to others or take a screenshot if you really need an image file of your whiteboard. Scriblink also gives easy access to in-screen chat, VOIP conferencing provided through a third-party provider and phone conferencing provided by FreeConference.com. Prices for Scriblink’s Business Solutions range from a Silver level at $9 per month to Platinum at $29 per month.

2007. Live whiteboard collaboration with Scriblink

Looking for a quick way to pass along ideas with a few other folks? Check out Scriblink, a new site for whiteboarding and conference calling. Setup is dead simple - just load the page and give the service your name to get going. There's a half-page workspace to sketch and write down ideas, a full color pallet to differentiate each user, and an undo button that will let you get rid of every addition you've made. There's also built-in multi-user chat on the right-hand side. If you feel like talking, the service can set up a free conference line to dial in to, although this is in no way integrated into the shared workspace. In case you feel like saving your work, just give it your e-mail address, and the site will give you a permalink to access it whenever you feel like it - although Scriblink doesn"t have to hold on to your workspace forever. It promises two months minimum, but if it"s important, you"d be wise to save a copy locally or e-mail to yourself.