Top 10: Partner Management software

Updated: July 31, 2023

Partner management software is a specialized tool that helps businesses efficiently manage and collaborate with their partners, vendors, and resellers. This software streamlines the partner relationship management process, allowing businesses to onboard new partners, assign roles and permissions, and track partner performance and contributions. With partner management software, organizations can easily share resources, leads, and sales data with their partners, fostering seamless collaboration and maximizing revenue opportunities. It often includes features like deal registration, lead distribution, and performance analytics, enabling businesses to gain insights into partner performance and make data-driven decisions. Partner management software plays a crucial role in enhancing partner relationships, improving partner engagement, and driving overall business growth by effectively leveraging partner networks. Some of the most popular partner management software options are listed below.

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2022. Reveal raises $50M to espouse the benefits of partner ecosystems

Reveal, a startup dedicated to developing a platform that enhances the ability of B2B companies to identify sales opportunities with their partners, has successfully raised $50 million in a Series A funding round. Originally known as Sharework, Reveal initially focused on automated sales account mapping, which involves the organization and cataloging of individuals working within specific target accounts. However, in 2020, the startup expanded its product strategy to include marketers who were seeking to generate and convert sales leads. While some may categorize Reveal's product as an ecosystem management tool designed for B2B partner ecosystems, the platform offers additional value by involving sales and marketing teams in the lead generation process, facilitating sales enablement, and fostering ecosystem expansion.

2021. Crossbeam lands $76M for its partner cloud

Crossbeam, a startup that specializes in assisting companies in understanding their overlapping accounts within sales partnerships through a process known as account mapping, has successfully raised $76 million in Series C funding. It operates as a partnership-focused equivalent of LinkedIn, allowing users to easily locate and connect with companies in their partner ecosystem with just a few clicks. Crossbeam securely integrates with existing systems to compile lists of prospects, opportunities, and customers. It supports a wide range of popular data sources, including leading CRM platforms, data warehouses, Google Sheets, and CSV files. Regardless of the source, users maintain complete control over the data that enters Crossbeam's platform.

2019. Partner Management software Crossbeam got $12.5M Series A

Crossbeam, a startup specializing in software for facilitating information sharing between potential partners, has revealed a $12.5 million Series A funding round. The company's product operates by gathering data from various sources such as Salesforce, HubSpot, or even a .csv file, and then comparing and analyzing that data within the Crossbeam platform. This allows partners to identify areas of overlap and determine the most effective collaboration opportunities. The shared data can encompass various aspects, including customer names or common sales representatives across accounts. Crossbeam emphasizes that many companies initially begin by partnering with highly trusted organizations to familiarize themselves with the product before expanding their network of collaborations. By leveraging Crossbeam's software, businesses can optimize their partnerships and unlock valuable synergies to drive mutual growth and success.

2013. Video: BPMonline launched US partner program

BPMonline, the company behind the award-winning BPMonline CRM - a web-based SaaS system that seamlessly integrates CRM and BPM functionalities, has recently unveiled its Americas Partner Program. Ted Hartley, Vice President of Business Development at BPMonline Americas, highlights the growing demand among consulting and system implementation firms for next-generation, industry-specific CRM solutions that combine robust CRM features with powerful BPM capabilities. Through the BPMonline Americas Partner Program, channel partners gain the opportunity to distribute BPMonline's cutting-edge technology while enjoying significant benefits. Notably, BPMonline is offering generous partner commissions of up to 50%.

2012. Salesforce launched Communities

Today, Salesforce has introduced a new service called Salesforce Communities. Currently, it is only available to select Salesforce clients and not accessible to the general public. Although it does not have its own dedicated website yet, it is likely that Marc Benioff is working towards acquiring the domain. Salesforce Communities is designed to facilitate the creation of customer and partner communities. These communities serve several purposes, including providing intelligent customer support by enabling customers to help one another, fostering customer retention and loyalty through community engagement, driving sales by showcasing real customers who can interact with potential customers, and facilitating effective collaboration with partners. The service is built upon the foundation of Chatter and bears a striking resemblance to Facebook in terms of its user interface. The official launch of Salesforce Communities is scheduled for early 2013.