Partner Management software

Updated: October 26, 2021

2021. Crossbeam lands $76M for its partner cloud

Crossbeam, a startup that helps companies building sales partnerships understand their overlapping accounts, using a process called account mapping, has raised $76 million Series C. It’s like LinkedIn for partnerships. You can find and connect with the companies in your partner ecosystem in just a few clicks. Crossbeam securely integrates with your existing systems to build lists of prospects, opportunities, and customers. We support the most popular data sources including the leading CRMs, data warehouses, Google Sheets, and CSVs. No matter the source, you have total control over what data enters Crossbeam.

2019. Partner Management software Crossbeam got $12.5M Series A

Crossbeam, the startup that develops software for sharing information with potential partners, announced a $12.5 million Series A. The product works by sharing data from tools like Salesforce, HubSpot or even a .csv file and comparing that data inside of Crossbeam. Partners can see the overlap and where it makes sense for them to work together. Sometimes that may involve customer names, but other times it may be common sales reps across accounts. According to Crossbeam, many companies start with highly trusted partners to get comfortable with the product before branching out.

2013. Video: BPMonline launched US partner program

BPMonline, that builds BPMonline CRM - the Web/SaaS system that combines CRM and BPM (and won some global awards in the recent months) announced the launch of its Americas Partner Program. Ted Hartley, VP Business Development at BPMonline, Americas, notes: “We are finding that consulting and system implementation firms are looking for the next-generation industry-tailored CRM solutions to offer to the market, solutions which would combine core CRM features with BPM capabilities. BPMonline Americas Partner Program enables channel partners to distribute BPMonline award-winning technology, and introduces great benefits for our partners.” Note that BPMonline promises really BIG partner commission - up to 50%.

2012. Salesforce launched Communities

Today Salesforce has unveiled a new service - Salesforce Communities. For now it's available only only for few Salesforce's clients and closed for public (it even doesn't have an own site yet - probably Marc Benioff is working to purchase domain). Salesforce Communities is intended for creating customer and partner communities. What are they for? For the smart customer support (because customers can help each other), to retain customers and increase their loyalty (because customers get used to the community), to increase sales (because potential customers can see real people who are already customers and may talk to them) and to collaborate effectively with partners. The service is based on Chatter and looks very similar to Facebook. Its launch is planned for early 2013.