Free file synchronization and sharing service for Google Docs/Google Apps users. Works on PC and Mac.

2012. Insync (Dropbox for Google Docs) becomes Free

The popular online file storage service DropBox - is in danger. And this danger comes from Google Docs. The fact that before now DropBox had one great advantage over Google Docs - it could synchronize files between online account and several computers. Now this opportunity has become available for the users of Google Docs / Google Apps, and for free. Actually you need only to pay for disk space (over 1GB), but it's much cheaper in Google Docs than in DropBox. And all this - thanks to the startup InSync. It becomes free and not due to business problems, but right after almost $1 million funding. InSync runs almost invisible - you just create a folder on your PC or Mac and it syncs with Google Docs account (watch the video). Google Apps users can create shared folders for the entire company.

2010. Insync - the local Google Docs folder on your computer

As known, services that sync files between Google Docs and local computer already exist. For example, Memeo Connect and Syncplicity. The new service Insync also allows you to create a local folder on your computer that will be automatically synced with Google Docs and you will be able to use documents offline. But, unlike Memeo Connect, which is only available for Google Apps Premium Edition, Insync can be used with a personal Google-account, and with the free Google Apps accounts. And Insync provides a free version, which lacks only few features if compared to the paid one. And unlike Syncplicity, which allows you to sync Google Docs for free with only 2 computers (and provides 2 GB for free), Insync does not limit the number of computers (but provides less space - 1 GB for one account). In addition, the Insync client supports Windows and Mac, and Syncplicity - only Windows.