Top 10: Free password managers

Updated: August 01, 2023

Free password managers are digital tools designed to securely store and manage passwords for various online accounts and services. These software solutions help users generate strong and unique passwords, eliminating the need to remember multiple complex login credentials. Free password managers often employ encryption and other security measures to safeguard passwords and sensitive data, ensuring that only the user with the master password can access the stored information. While free password managers may have certain limitations or lack some advanced features found in premium versions, they still offer valuable password management capabilities for individuals looking to enhance their online security without incurring additional costs. Using a free password manager can significantly improve cybersecurity practices, reducing the risk of password-related breaches and promoting better password hygiene across different online platforms. Some of the most popular free password managers are listed below.

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2019. Firefox gets enhanced tracking protection, desktop password manager

Firefox is introducing one of its most comprehensive series of releases designed to prevent advertisers and other entities from tracking your online activities. Additionally, these releases make it more challenging for Facebook to monitor your online behavior. By default, Enhanced Tracking Protection, based on the Disconnect list, will block all third-party tracking cookies. You have the option to choose a strict setting that may impact the functionality of certain websites, or you can customize your own settings. Furthermore, Mozilla is expanding its Lockbox password manager to include desktop support. Previously, Lockbox was only available as a mobile app, but Mozilla has now launched a Firefox desktop extension for it. The name of the password manager has also been changed to Lockwise. Currently, Lockwise provides a straightforward password management experience, although it may not offer the same extensive features as Dashlane, 1Password, LastPass, or similar alternatives.

2019. Mozilla launched free password manager - Firefox Lockbox

Mozilla has introduced a new password manager called Lockbox, which is specifically designed for Firefox users who prefer using alternative browsers on their iPhone and Android devices. The Firefox Lockbox mobile app allows users to conveniently access their stored logins from their mobile devices, directly from their Firefox browser. Although the app is not as feature-rich as popular password managers like 1Password, Dashlane, or LastPass, it provides a simple solution for accessing stored logins. Some common features found in other password managers, such as the ability to add, edit, or delete passwords, suggest complex passwords, or alert users about potentially compromised passwords resulting from data breaches, are not yet available in Lockbox. However, the significant advantage of Lockbox is that it is free to use. For Firefox browser users, it serves as a more secure alternative to storing passwords in an unprotected notepad app, for example. Additionally, users can choose to enable Lockbox as an Autofill service, enhancing its usability.

2017. Zoho Vault offers free option for LastPass users

LastPass has recently increased the price of its premium subscription for individual users, raising it from $12 to $24 per year. Alongside this change, certain features that were previously available in the free plan have been removed. Zoho, seeing an opportunity, is offering an enticing alternative for business users of LastPass. Users who switch to Zoho Vault are being offered a one-year free subscription to the Professional Edition for teams, as well as a FREE forever plan for personal use. Zoho also provides a seamless tool that simplifies the process of importing data from LastPass to Zoho Vault, requiring just a few steps. Zoho Vault serves as an online password manager designed for both individuals and teams. It boasts an intuitive user interface, advanced sharing features, seamless integration with third-party platforms, native iOS and Android mobile apps, and browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. With a strong focus on security and data privacy, Zoho Vault aims to provide a comprehensive and reliable solution for managing passwords and ensuring online security.

2016. Password manager LastPass is now free

LastPass, the password manager under the ownership of LogMeIn, has announced a significant update to its service by making a core component available for free. Previously, users could access the browser extension at no cost but had to pay a $12 annual fee to enjoy mobile password portability. However, LastPass has decided to eliminate this fee, allowing users to freely access their passwords on mobile devices. The free services now include essential features such as two-factor authentication, password generation and sync, as well as access from unlimited devices. Essentially, LastPass is now charging only for enhanced features rather than convenient access. It's worth noting that the company continues to generate revenue through its enterprise offerings. LastPass states that this pricing change is driven by a commitment to making password security accessible to a wider audience. However, it is also likely aimed at enticing users away from other paid password management services.