Broadcasting services for business

Updated: December 21, 2019

2018. WhatsApp adds Telegram-like channels

WhatsApp added an option to have only admins to send messages in group chats. This could be useful for people and companies that use WhatsApp as a way to send mass updates, and to cut down on noise and clutter. In fact it's an alternative for Telegram's channels, where only administrators can broadcast messages. This format is suitable for corporate micro-blogs to deliver company news, discount-offers or announcements to large number of customers.

2018. Zoho Show adds contextual interface and broadcasts

Zoho unveiled all new Zoho Show with contextual interface. It lets your ideas take the front seat and offers an intuitive formatting pane that responds to user actions. No more digging around to find the right tool. Users need a great set of tools to visualize ideas that match their imagination. That is why Show brings you custom text boxes, silhouettes, image filters, pre-defined layouts for charts and tables, more than a dozen animation options for every element within a slide, and more. With Show’s robust commenting system, teams can collaborate, brainstorm, and provide suggestions for improving any element on a slide. You can also add rich text comments to highlight key points, or attach an image when you are out of words. Finally, it allows to broadcast slides to a remote audience or use the Presenter View for a face-to-face session and deliver slides from anywhere.

2015. Telegram launched public chats - Channels

Secure messenger Telegram added new feature, that will be usefull for business - Channels. It's a new tool for broadcasting your messages to large audiences. Channels replace the old Broadcast lists and are better in every way. They can have an unlimited number of members, they can be public with a permanent URL and each post in a channel has its own view counter. Views from forwarded copies of your messages will be included in the total count. Last but not least, new members can see the entire message history in a channel once they join — all the way to day one. Channels are available in Telegram's iOS and Android apps.

2011. Google Hangouts turned into full-featured web-conferencing tool

Lebanese developer's hack, which allowed text collaboration in Google+ Hangouts didn't remain a hack so long. Today's Google+ update has added much more new features to Hangouts. First, it's an opportunity to share your screen (Screen-sharing). Second, is the ability to collaboratively draw on a whiteboard. Third, is the ability to collaboratively edit Google Docs documents. Fourth, is the ability to create broadcasts for the unlimited number of viewers (the number of active participants is limited to 10). Fifth, Google Hangouts videochat now works on Android-smartphones. And finally, sixth, Google has opened the official API for Hangouts, so you don't need to hack it, as the Lebanese programmer in order to create your own application for Hangouts. By the way, the social network Google + is now open to all. Is your company ready for this?

2008. Why do you need Scribd for your business?

Scribd - is a service that positions itself as an "YouTube for documents". When you first come to Scribd, you may think that this is another toy for bloggers and communities, but maybe soon it will become a common tool for any business, like Word for example. How businesses are using YouTube? Basically, to present their new products. YouTube - is the most convenient way to publish a business-related video and the most convenient way to view it for your clients. Moreover, YouTube is useful not only as a website, but as a service for publishing the video anywhere. But besides these video-presentations customers sometimes want to view product documentation or company white papers. Usually companies just upload pdf-files on their sites. But believe, when your customer opens a document in Scribd's online viewer, it's a big difference from downloading the pdf file. Unlike the PDF, the iPaper (the document format created by Scribd) format was originally created for viewing documents in the browser. Its main advantage is the opportunity to broadcast a document without loading it completely (like a video is broadcasting on YouTube). This allows to open even very large documents instantly and not wait half an hour while Adobe Reader is opening. And viewing iPaper document is real pleasure - you can easily zoom and scroll it, navigate through the pages, search.  You can easily publish iPaper documents on your website (like YouTube videos) - just insert the code on the page and it appears. And your clients or bloggers can republish it over the Internet, making it popular. In fact, many companies are already publishing their press releases via Scribd. iPaper also allows to protect your documents from copy-pasting by competitors. You can choose an option not to allow document downloading or provide the limited access to the document. Besides publishing your manuals and marketing literature, you can use Scribd as a source of business document templates - contracts, legal and technical documentation. You can search for this kind of docs in the Scribd public catalog.