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SugarCRM is a customer relationship management (CRM) system that is available in both open source and Commercial open source applications. Sugar's functionality includes sales-force automation, marketing campaigns, customer support, collaboration, Mobile CRM, Social CRM and reporting.
Here are the latest news about SugarCRM:

16.06.16 IBM tightens integration with SugarCRM

SugarCRM announced a joint offering with IBM Cloud to increase the security and control on its customer relationship management platform. The IBM integration gives Sugar’s platform the ability to deploy on IBM’s dedicated, private bare metal clouds, which SugarCRM claims will improve the overall security and performance. IBM comprises a global network of 46 cloud data centers, giving Sugar users access to a bigger and faster network. IBM and SugarCRM have had an ongoing relationship. Last September, they announced IBM Marketing Cloud for SugarCRM, which integrated marketing and sales operations around customer experience.

2016 SugarCRM gets improved Search, Tagging

New version SugarCRM 7.7 is enhancing search and adding new capabilities in the latest version of its customer relationship management (CRM) software platform.  The new custom tags allow CRM users to tag any record in the application. Sugar tags are integrated into the Sugar database. The benefit, according to SugarCRM officials, is that tags become available through a global search experience instead of a separate tag search mechanism. SugarCRM also provides a "knowledge base" where users can write articles about any topic and make them available internally or externally. The base includes an intelligence panel where context-sensitive display enables agents and customers to find articles.

2010 SugarCRM 6 - cloudy open-source CRM

While the main competitors (Salesforce and Microsoft) entertain each other with the lawsuits, SugarCRM gradually strengthens its market position. Yesterday the company officially announced the release of SugarCRM 6. The major changes have affected the interface - it became much easier, more convenient and flexible. Users will be able to leave on screen only these elements that are used. The new convenient contextual search panel lets you view search results without leaving the current page, and the new recent pages panel makes navigation easier. It's interesting that the new interface is available only in payed (Professional and Enterprise) editions, but not in the free Community Edition. Because of this the company received another portion of critics, because it actively uses the "open-source" term for SugarCRM promotion.

SugarCRM 6 continued to move in the strategic direction - it has improved compatibility with cloud platforms. For Windows Azure system even has been certified (and it can work with MySQL, as well as with SQL Azure). As known, SugarCRM contrasts Salesforce's multitenant SaaS-model  with its cloud hosting model when the client installs CRM on a cloud platform, pays for it on a monthly basis and may customize it individually, benefiting from the open source. And SugarCRM Professional version costs $30/user/month + a couple of dollars for hosting on Amazon or Azure. While the functionally identical Salesforce Unlimited costs $ 250/user/month.

2010 Beautiful PR pitch: I Choose the Cloud

The leading SaaS and Enterprise 2.0 vendors decided to make their business a little more "WOW". In the new show-channell called "I Choose the Cloud" the founders and executives of cloud companies appeal to join the cloud revolution. Because cloud applications mean not only simplicity, usability, speed and cost efficiency. They also mean the new exciting ways of running business. Because these applications are create not by serious gloomy IT-people in ties, but by such cool guys, who enjoy what they do. Guest stars: Aaron Levie (, Chuck Dietrich (SlideRocket), David Weekly (PBworks), Eugene Lee (Socialtext), Wendy Lea (Get Satisfaction), Clint Oram (SugarCRM), Tien Tzuo (Zuora), Matt Brezina (Xobni)

2009 SugarCRM follows Salesforce strategy

SugarCRM LinkedIn
SugarCRM, an open-source Salesforce alternative, is trying to keep up with its rival. The newest version SugarCRM 5.5 is focused on the same areas as latest Salesforce versions: platform, social tools and mobile access. Of course, the most significant upgrade is the new integration platform Sugar Cloud Connectors, that allows to link SugarCRM to third-party business applications using Web services. As an example, the company introduced the LinkedIn connector, that allows to display LinkedIn-profile data on contact page inside SugarCRM. The new activity streams module Social Feeds is very similar to the recently unveiled Salesforce Chatter. In addition to short message exchange and status updates, it allows you to receive notifications about various actions in the system, such as invoice creation or customer data change.

To optimize mobile access to the system, SugarCRM developers have created the mobile interface editor Mobile Studio. The editor contains several templates and themes for the mobile client, but user can customize these patterns and display information and controls in the most convenient way on the screen of mobile device.

SugarCRM mobile
In addition, the new version allows to insert widgets (Sugar Dashlets) to the dashboard. These dashlets may contain information from external sources or from SugarCRM database.

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