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Salesforce Chatter
With Chatter, it’s easy to work together and know everything that’s happening in your company. Updates on people, groups, documents, and your application data come straight to you in real-time feeds. It's better than alternative solutions for Salesforce users.
Salesforce Chatter alternatives are:
Jive, Yammer, SharePoint

Here are the latest news about Salesforce Chatter:

2015 Salesforce adds shopping layer to its Community Cloud

Customers of Salesforce Community Cloud will soon be able to add their own buy buttons. The Community Cloud allows businesses to build sites where customers can interact with the company and with each other. For example, Avid Technology, which makes audio and video production tools, has used these Community Cloud capabilities to support its Artist Community, where users can buy and sell sound effects, stock footage and other music and video clips from each other. Other early customers include Neil Young’s PonoMusic and the Deloitte Digital Hub. Mike Stone, the senior vice president of marketing for Salesforce Community Cloud, said that the Customer Cloud can automatically recommend the right product that’s relevant in a given discussion: “We’re really using the social graph and what we understand about how the community is evolving to go and make those recommendations.”

2014 Salesforce launches Community Cloud launched its 4th cloud (after Sales, Marketing, Service Clouds) - Salesforce1 Community Cloud. Essentially it's a remake of Salesforce Communities product released in June 2013. Unlike Chatter, that is focused on internal networking and collaboration, Community Cloud allows customers or partners to interact with one another and with company personnel if required. So it's something like a private LinkedIn. Community members can follow topics and people and identify their areas of expertise. Community cloud is linked to Service Cloud (unanswered or difficult questions can be escalated) and to Sales Cloud (new community memebers become leads,).  Features in today's launch become available in October. The Salesforce1 Community Cloud starts at $500 per month.

2013 Video: Salesforce announces Customer Revolution

Last week Salesforce released a new mobile app Chatter, which has now become the primary mobile interface for employees not only to the social intranet, but also to the CRM system. In addition, the mobile Chatter is now more convenient communication and collaboration channel between company and customers. But just to say that the new app is "more convenient" - is not the Salesforce style. They came up with the whole legend of customer revolution that has already begun. They say that your customers are mobile and they already know how to use their phones. And at any time (when they have free time), they can destroy your business if they see that your company is not responsive enough to their problems and needs. This video will give you the creeps. Watch.

2012 Salesforce Stypi - online notepad for real-time collaboration

Imagine, that you need to collaborate with your colleagues on a task that requires writing something. For example, to develop project plan or write a commercial proposal. If all meeting participants are present in the office, you just gather them around the table, take a piece of paper or flipchart and write things down. But they are in different places around the world? Of course there are Google Docs, Online Word or Zoho, that could help. But they all require everyone to register and look too complicated for writing down simple lists. (Sometimes such little things prevent people from using online tools). For such online meetings there is a perfect solution - Stypi. It's a simple online notepad with chat, that allows several people to collaborate.

When you come to - it automatically creates a page for you, and you just need to invite collaborators by sending them the URL. Registration is not required. Registration is needed to make a page private, but in fact, the URL of public page is known only by you, so for mini-meetings the security level of public page is quite sufficient.

Each participant is marked by unique color, so you can see who is writing what. In addition, there is a Playback function (remember Google Wave?). For example, if someone joined the meeting later, he can "play back" it from the very beginning to see who what was written by whom.

Besides, Stypi is an ideal tool for developers who need to collaborate on a piece of code. It supports the syntax of more than 20 programming languages (PHP, HTML, C++ ...). I.e. all functions and variables are automatically highlighted, space tabs are automatically set.

Now about why we used the word "Salesforce" in the title. The fact is that Stypi was acquired by Salesforce in May (probably they want to create the own online office). However, by the deal agreement, the service continues to exist separately and takes no money from the users.

2012 Salesforce launched Communities

Today Salesforce has unveiled a new service - Salesforce Communities. For now it's available only only for few Salesforce's clients and closed for public (it even doesn't have an own site yet - probably Marc Benioff is working to purchase domain). Salesforce Communities is intended for creating customer and partner communities. What are they for? For the smart customer support (because customers can help each other), to retain customers and increase their loyalty (because customers get used to the community), to increase sales (because potential customers can see real people who are already customers and may talk to them) and to collaborate effectively with partners. The service is based on Chatter and looks very similar to Facebook. Its launch is planned for early 2013.

2011 Benioff: goodbye Cloud, hello Social

2011 New Saleseforce Chatter: extranet groups, real-time chat, screen-sharing, HTML5

2011 Yammer reminded Benioff, where the Chatter came from

2011 Black Eyed Peas make impossible things with Salesforce Chatter

2011 Salesforce acquired Google Apps Marketplace champion - Manymoon

2010 Salesforce Chatter goes freemium, retires Sharepoint and Lotus Notes

2010 Salesforce launches ChatterExchange, aims at Lotus Notes and Sharepoint

2009 Salesforce created enterprise social platform