Top 1 Transportation Management software

Last updated: November 22, 2022

Transportation software that allows to automate and integrate your freight management processes. The program has been designed to be as flexible as possible. Thanks to that, it’s capable of fully reproducing processes within the TSL industry. It help you manage your shipments and transports including tasks like route planning, CMR / BOL documents, cargo geolocation, invoices, emails and automatic customer notification.

Latest news about Transportation Management software

2022. GoFreight raises $28M to become the “Shopify of freight forwarding”

Unicorn Flexport is revolutionizing the world of logistics, serving as a freight forwarder with software that enables customers to manage their shipments. But there are still thousands of smaller freight forwarders, many running on outdated ERP software or spreadsheets. A startup called GoFreight, that has raised $23 million in Series A, wants to help them compete by providing the “Shopify of freight forwarding,” with backend software that makes their operations run more smoothly, and a frontend that lets them set up a storefront and provide quotes in a few minutes.

2021. CloudTrucks raised $115M to help truck entrepreneurs manage their business

CloudTrucks a startup, that sells business management software that helps owner-operators manage cash flow and costs, generate revenue, handle insurance, has raised a $115 million Series B. CloudTrucks launched three products over the past year to help solve trucking business challenges. CT Cash helps drivers get paid faster and alleviate cash flow constraints with instant pay and cash card options, as well as cash advances, so drivers don’t have to worry about not having enough funds for fuel or maintenance. Flex, which is designed for small trucking businesses that are already managing their own insurance and compliance, helps with back office support. This product came from an existing product line called Virtual Carrier, which essentially puts drivers under CloudTrucks’ authority. Included in this is a package deal where CloudTrucks manages everything for the driver, including compliance and insurance.

2021. Fleet software startup LocoNav raises $37M

LocoNav, an India-based startup that is helping drivers and fleet owners in over two-dozen nations run their vehicles more efficiently and save money, has raised $37 million in a new financing round. Over half a million vehicle and fleet owners in 25 nations use LocoNav’s platform today, which uses AI to help them manage their fleet operations, keep a watch on performance, and improve efficiency. The startup’s platform delivers assistance and recommendations to drivers to make better choices. LocoNav also enables customers to track fuel usage, and any potential theft. Its platform supports over a thousand devices and sensors, enabling it to onboard new customers very quickly.