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December 03, 2023 | Editor: Sandeep Sharma

Transportation management software helps businesses streamline and optimize their logistics and supply chain operations by providing tools for planning, executing, and monitoring transportation activities. These software solutions typically offer features such as route planning, shipment tracking, carrier management, freight auditing, and analytics, enabling businesses to improve efficiency, reduce costs, enhance visibility, and ensure timely and reliable delivery of goods.
Transportation software that allows to automate and integrate your freight management processes. The program has been designed to be as flexible as possible. Thanks to that, it’s capable of fully reproducing processes within the TSL industry. It help you manage your shipments and transports including tasks like route planning, CMR / BOL documents, cargo geolocation, invoices, emails and automatic customer notification.

Latest news about Transportation Management software

2023. South African startup GoMetro gets £9M for its fleet management optimization software

South African technology firm GoMetro has successfully secured £9 million in a Series A funding round. Specializing in fleet management solutions, GoMetro operates as a Software as a Service (SaaS) provider with a primary focus on vehicle data. At the core of its offerings is Bridge, the company's flagship product functioning as a telemetry and data aggregator. Bridge exhibits remarkable adaptability by seamlessly consolidating relevant data from vehicles of various makes and models, such as Mercedes, BYD, or Yutong, onto a unified platform. This versatility empowers fleet managers to effortlessly access and analyze data, overcoming the challenges posed by disparate telematics systems associated with different Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs).

2022. GoFreight raises $28M to become the “Shopify of freight forwarding”

Unicorn company Flexport has been transforming the logistics industry with its innovative approach as a freight forwarder, offering customers powerful software tools to manage their shipments. However, the market still comprises numerous smaller freight forwarders that often rely on outdated ERP software or manual spreadsheets. A startup named GoFreight aims to level the playing field for these forwarders by providing them with a comprehensive solution comparable to the "Shopify of freight forwarding." With its backend software, GoFreight streamlines operations, while its frontend empowers forwarders to quickly set up their online storefronts and generate quotes within minutes. Recognizing the need for modernization in the industry, GoFreight has successfully raised $23 million in Series A funding, enabling them to support forwarders and enhance their competitiveness in the market.

2021. CloudTrucks raised $115M to help truck entrepreneurs manage their business

CloudTrucks, a startup, has secured $115 million in Series B funding. CloudTrucks specializes in selling business management software tailored for owner-operators, aiding them in effectively handling cash flow, cost management, revenue generation, and insurance. The company has introduced three new products within the past year, aiming to address the challenges faced by trucking businesses. One of their offerings, CT Cash, enables drivers to receive expedited payments and overcome cash flow constraints by providing options for instant pay, cash cards, and cash advances. This feature ensures that drivers have sufficient funds for fuel and maintenance, eliminating any worries in that regard. Another product, Flex, is specifically designed for small trucking businesses that already handle their insurance and compliance requirements. Flex offers comprehensive back-office support to assist these businesses. It emerged as an extension of the existing Virtual Carrier product line, which places drivers under CloudTrucks' authority. As part of this package deal, CloudTrucks takes care of all aspects of the driver's operations, including compliance and insurance management.

2021. Fleet software startup LocoNav raises $37M

LocoNav, an India-based startup, has recently secured $37 million in a new financing round. LocoNav's platform is designed to assist drivers and fleet owners in more than two-dozen countries, enabling them to operate their vehicles with greater efficiency and cost savings. Currently, the platform is utilized by over half a million vehicle and fleet owners across 25 nations. Leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), LocoNav's platform offers fleet management capabilities, performance monitoring, and efficiency enhancement. The startup provides drivers with real-time assistance and recommendations, empowering them to make better choices. Additionally, LocoNav facilitates fuel usage tracking and offers theft prevention features. With support for a wide range of devices and sensors, the platform allows for seamless onboarding of new customers, ensuring rapid adoption and implementation.

Editor: Sandeep Sharma
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