Top 10 Online Translators

August 28, 2023 | Editor: Adam Levine

Online Translators enable automatic translation of words, phrases and texts between tens of different languages
Google Translate is a free translation service that provides instant translations between dozens of different languages. It can translate words, sentences and web pages between any combination of our supported languages. With Google Translate, we hope to make information universally accessible and useful, regardless of the language in which it’s written.
ChatGPT is an AI-powered language model developed by OpenAI, capable of generating human-like text based on context and past conversations.
Translate texts & full document files instantly. Accurate translations for individuals and Teams. Millions translate with DeepL every day.
4 is an free online translator for users to translate phrases and sentences into any language. If you’re not sure how to translate a word or phrase, post it under ‘How do you say..’ and get free help from the Babelfish community. Instantly translate entire web pages, blogs or documents in a single click using our miraculous online translation software.
Bing Translator is a user facing translation portal provided by Microsoft as part of its Bing services to translate texts or entire web pages into different languages. All translation pairs are powered by the Microsoft Translator statistical machine translation platform and web service, developed by Microsoft Research, as its backend translation software.
Naver Papago is a multilingual machine translation cloud service provided by Naver Corporation. Unlike many other translators, Papago uses a neural machine translation to learn from its mistakes and learn what type of translations the user requires.
To keep pace with the growing need for real-time multilingual information SYSTRAN Online Services offer individuals and businesses of all sizes on-demand translation services of Web pages, written texts, or Microsoft Office files.
Microsoft Translator delivers automatic translation of text into a specified language. It is a state-of-the-art statistical machine translation system translating between any of the supported languages, and powering billions of translations every day. The Microsoft Translator API is available through the Windows Azure Marketplace.
Reverso's free online translation service that translates your texts between English and French, Spanish, Italian, German, Russian, Portuguese, Hebrew, ...
SayHi Translate is the interpreter in your pocket. Talk to your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad and hear your words back in different languages. Tap your language button, speak into the microphone, and your voice will be instantly translated. Have a conversation with anyone without needing to switch languages. You can also type anytime by simply pressing the keyboard buttons.
  on Live Enterprise
Free online translation of texts, Web sites and E-mails for English, Portuguese (Brazilian), German, French, Spanish, Italian and Russian languages.
Translate is an online translator that provides accurate translations between 75 different languages including English, Spanish, Chinese and more.

Latest news about Online Translators

2018. Microsoft Translator gets offline AI translations

Despite the fact that most translation apps continue to function offline, they are unable to utilize the machine learning algorithms that drive their performance. This limitation also applied to the Microsoft Translator app on Amazon Fire, Android, and iOS—until now. As of today, the app has been updated to run a slightly modified neural translation even when offline. Remarkably, Microsoft has achieved this without requiring a specialized AI chip in modern smartphones, making it accessible on a wide range of devices.

2016. Google Translate gets in-app translations on Android, offline mode on iOS

Google has introduced an update to its Translate applications for both iOS and Android devices. This latest version brings offline support to the iOS platform, a feature that has already been available on Android. Offline support proves to be particularly useful when traveling, as it eliminates concerns about a reliable internet connection. The Google team has focused on optimizing language package downloads, reducing their size by up to 90 percent. These packages now weigh approximately 25 MB and are accessible in 52 different languages. For Android users, the key addition is the Tap to Translate feature. Instead of the traditional method of copying and pasting text from apps into Translate, users can now simply copy the text, and the translation option will automatically appear. The translated content is displayed as an overlay without the need to switch between various applications.

2015. Google Translate app adds 20 more languages

Google is expanding the capabilities of its Translate app to encompass more than twenty-five additional languages. Users will now have the ability to translate to and from English with languages such as Bulgarian, Catalan, Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Filipino, Finnish, Hungarian, Indonesian, Lithuanian, Norwegian, Polish, Romanian, Slovak, Swedish, Turkish, and Ukrainian. While Google already provides a translation feature through its website search results and directly within its Chrome browser, the demand for portable, on-the-go translation is evident. The Google Translate app offers three methods for translating text: typing the desired text, speaking the text, or using the mobile device's camera to capture and automatically translate text from signs, books, or other objects. Importantly, the visual translation feature can be used offline, eliminating the need for an internet connection.

2015. launches enterprise platform

Online translation service has introduced its enterprise platform, aiming to provide cost-effective translation services to businesses by leveraging a combination of machine translation, human translators, and editors. By employing a hybrid approach that combines AI and professional translators with the assistance of an editor, the company strives to outperform its competitors. The process involves utilizing algorithms to generate an initial, albeit rough, translation, followed by assigning portions of the text to several carefully selected professional translators who review and refine the machine translation. Additionally, the company employs a secondary layer of editors who assess the text as a whole, ensuring coherent translations across the entire document.

2015. Google Translate now does real-time voice and written text translation

The mobile app for Google Translate on Android and iOS has received an impressive update, enhancing its capabilities even further. The latest update introduces two remarkable features: real-time voice translation and sign translation. While the app has previously offered image-based translation, these new features provide instant translation with zero delay, and the best part is that they work offline, making it incredibly useful for frequent travelers. To translate a sign, you simply need to point your camera at it, ensuring it is captured completely, and the app will promptly provide the translation. The real-time voice translation feature is equally impressive, acting as an intermediary for conversations between individuals speaking different languages. By tapping the in-app microphone once and initiating the conversation in the foreign language, the app recognizes the language and allows both parties to communicate. As the conversation progresses, the app continuously generates text-based translations in real-time, effectively breaking down language barriers.

2014. Video: real-time voice translator in Skype

Microsoft's Bing Translator, an online translation service, has always been overshadowed by Google Translate. All the advancements, such as full text translation, mobile support, voice recognition, and translation playback, initially debuted in Google Translate before being replicated in Bing Translator. However, Microsoft has now taken the lead. During the CodeConf conference, Satya Nadella showcased a voice translator in Skype that can recognize phrases in one language and play them back in another (almost) instantly. This breakthrough enables individuals from different countries to communicate in their native languages. Currently, the feature only supports English and German, but Satya mentioned that a working version with additional languages will be available in Skype before the end of this year.

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