Microsoft Clarity is #10 in Top 10 Web Analytics software

Microsoft Clarity
Clarity is a free, easy-to-use tool that captures how real people actually use your site. Setup is easy and you'll start getting data in minutes.

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#10 in Top 10 Web Analytics software


The best alternatives to Microsoft Clarity are: Google Analytics, Hotjar

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2020. Microsoft launched website analytics platform Clarity

Microsoft has launched Clarity, an innovative dashboard that assesses website engagement and provides insights for enhancing the user interface (UI) and overall online customer experience. Clarity's user interface is designed with a simplicity similar to existing social media dashboards, resembling Google Analytics with its division into four key segments. However, Clarity distinguishes itself by placing greater emphasis on heatmap analysis. The two primary analysis panels in Clarity are Heatmap and Recording, offering comprehensive insights into user interactions. The Heatmap panel presents two views: click maps, which visualize the general areas where page visitors tend to click, and scroll maps, which illustrate how users navigate up and down a given page. The Dashboard panel summarizes UI and page performance metrics, while the Settings panel enables users to make further adjustments to their accounts. Clarity's focus on heatmap analysis sets it apart as a valuable tool for website optimization and enhancing the user experience.