JumpCloud is #11 in Top 10 Identity Management platforms

Cloud Directory Platform. Securely manage identities, access, and Windows, macOS, & Linux devices from anywhere, using a single platform, with unified user identities across IT resources.

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#11 in Top 10 Identity Management platforms


The best alternatives to JumpCloud are: Okta, Azure Active Directory, Jamf, OneLogin, Auth0

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2020. Cloud directory service JumpCloud raises $75M

JumpCloud, the cloud directory service, has successfully raised $75 million in Series E funding. Since its inception in 2013, the company has witnessed significant transformations in the IT landscape. Previously, organizations predominantly relied on Microsoft Active Directory within Windows-centric environments. However, the subsequent rise of diverse operating systems, web applications, cloud computing, and mobile devices necessitated a new approach to directory structures. JumpCloud fills this gap by offering an independent cloud directory platform that securely connects users to their required resources while providing IT teams with complete control over access management. This flexible solution accommodates the evolving needs of modern IT environments, enabling seamless connectivity across heterogeneous systems and ensuring robust security measures.