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Take your conversations with you, wherever you go. Stay connected to your colleagues and don't miss a discussion anymore - the ChatGrape mobile apps for iOS and Android will keep you updated and let you join the conversation easily, no matter where you are. Reference all data from your external services from within ChatGrape right as you type - with an autocomplete that knows your business.

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#13 in Top 17 Group Chat software


The best alternative to Grape is Slack

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2015. Enterprise group chat ChatGrape launches publicly

ChatGrape, the enterprise and team messaging app that pitches itself as a more intelligent Slack or HipChat, has launched publicly. Along with offering the standard enterprise and team messaging features, akin to the hugely popular and well-funded Slack, ChatGrape has built what is essentially a search engine that indexes various tools and services that you connect the app to. These include Box, DropBox, Google Drive, GitHub, BitBucket, Jira and others. Typing # directly into a chat triggers ChatGrape’s smart autocomplete — now called the ‘Grape Browser’ — enabling you to quickly look up and link to/reference files or data from any supported third-party service. The startup also offers an API, making it possible for companies to integrate their own internal data into the chat app. And to coincide with today’s public launch, ChatGrape has given its look-up functionality a further boost by letting you search and add data from public external sources, not just those to which you explicitly connect the app, such as GIF sharing app and YouTube.

2015. Intelligent group chat service ChatGrape scores $1.3M

ChatGrape, the enterprise and team messaging app that positions itself as a more ‘intelligent’ Slack or HipChat, has scored $1.3 million in a new round of funding. ChatGrape wants to make team chat software more proactive and time-saving with regards to looking up, referencing and interacting with data hosted elsewhere, such as a document, calendar entry, or code repository update. But the bigger vision is to go a lot further than better indexing and ‘autocomplete’, by employing AI to enable ChatGrape to detect and trigger workflows automatically, based on Natural Language Processing (NLP), such as the ability to recognise dates, questions, assignments and to-dos.