Vulnerability Remediation platforms

Updated: March 30, 2021

2021. SecurityScorecard snags $180M to measure a company’s security risk

SecurityScorecard, the company that helps companies understand the security risk of its vendors by providing each one with a letter grade based on a number of dimensions, has raised $180 million Series E. SecurityScorecard instantly identifies vulnerabilities, active exploits, and advanced cyber threats to help you rigorously protect your business and strengthen your security posture – from an outside-in perspective, enabling you to see what a hacker sees.

2021. Vulcan Cyber raises $21M for its vulnerability remediation platform

Tel Aviv-based Vulcan Cyber, a cybersecurity startup that helps businesses prioritize and fix security vulnerabilities, has raised a $21 million Series B funding. The company will use the new funding to roll out new remediation solutions and launch a free risk-based vulnerability management platform under the Vulcan Free monicker. The company’s emphasis has always been on not just warning its customers about potential vulnerabilities but also helping them prioritize them based on the severity of the risk and the threat to a company’s business assets. Security teams, after all, are often overwhelmed by alerts and not every vulnerability a scanner represents is a high-priority risk for a business. The promise of Vulcan Cyber’s platform is that it helps these teams figure out where to best focus their resources.