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2020. Tailscale raises $12M for its WireGuard-based corporate VPN

Tailscale, which is building a better corporate VPN by leveraging a modern protocol and focusing on ease of implementation, has raised a $12M. Traditional VPN dosn’t scale well. The gateway is a bottleneck and you can experience long loading times when there are a lot of people connected at the same time. Tailscale starts with a different VPN protocol - WireGuard, a lightweight VPN protocol that relies on a combination of public and private keys to establish an encrypted tunnel between two clients. When you want to connect to the internal services, Tailscale asks you to log in using your company’s identity provider, such as G Suite, Okta, Active Directory, etc. A connection is then established between your laptop and the Git server or your laptop and the wiki server. There’s no bottleneck due to the VPN gateway as the Git server and the wiki server act as their own VPN gateways.