Subscription billing providers

Updated: May 15, 2021

2020. Chargebee raises $55 million to help businesses move to subscriptions

Chargebee, which helps businesses set up and manage their billing, subscription, revenue operations and compliance, has raised $55M. Chargebee allows individuals, small businesses and enterprises to automate subscriptions, billing, invoicing, payments and revenue recognition processes. It supports dozens of popular payment gateways, including Stripe, Braintree, WorldPay and PayPal, and its global tax management coverage also helps businesses to expand to new markets. MakeSpace, an on-demand storage company, used Chargebee’s services to scale from four markets to 31 in one year, for instance.

2018. Zuora partners with Amazon Pay to expand subscription billing options

Zuora, the SaaS company helping organizations manage payments for subscription businesses,  had been selected as a Premier Partner in the Amazon Pay Global Partner Program.  The “Premier Partner” distinction means businesses using Zuora’s billing platform can now easily integrate Amazon’s digital payment system as an option during checkout or recurring payment processes. The strategic rationale for Zuora is clear, as the partnership expands the company’s product offering to prospective and existing customers.  The ability to support a wide array of payment methodologies is a key value proposition for subscription businesses that enables them to service a larger customer base and provide a more seamless customer experience.

2015. Subscription billing service ChargeBee raises $5M

ChargeBee, a startup that helps companies manage their billing and subscription needs, has closed a $5 million Series B round. ChargeBee is focused on helping startups, and particularly those in the SaaS space, get more from their billing subscriptions. It counts Freshdesk, Kissflow, Soylent and VinylMePlease among its customer base. ChargeBee is rivaled by Zuora (which today raised $115 million), Recurly and Chargify. It provides both technical support and solutions, alongside consultancy-like services. The latter might include advice on necessary billing and payment-related processes for expanding into new markets, for example.

2014. Zoho Subscriptions - new cloud service for recurring billing

Zoho provides a lot of SaaS services and has to manage somehow millions of subscriptions. So they decided to share their experience and technologies with others and built cloud recurring billing software Zoho Subscriptions. The way it works is you enter your subscription information and it handles the entire transaction including invoicing, credit card information, receipt generation and capturing the monthly revenue. What separates Zoho Subscriptions from the competition (Recurly, Zuora) is the tight integration with the accounting package Zoho Books, creating a bridge between the subscription economy and traditional accounting.