Security Automation software

Updated: August 09, 2023

Security automation software is a powerful solution that streamlines and enhances cybersecurity operations by automating repetitive tasks and response actions. This specialized software uses predefined rules and workflows to detect security incidents, respond to threats, and remediate vulnerabilities without the need for manual intervention. Security automation software can integrate with various security tools and systems, enabling seamless information sharing and orchestration across the cybersecurity infrastructure. By automating incident detection and response, security teams can significantly reduce incident response times, improve accuracy, and focus on more strategic and complex security tasks. Moreover, security automation software can help organizations stay ahead of cyber threats by continuously monitoring and adapting security measures to changing threat landscapes. Overall, security automation software is a critical asset in building a proactive and efficient cybersecurity posture, enabling organizations to better protect their assets, data, and reputation from a wide range of cyber threats.

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2022. Hunters raises $68M for its security operations platform

Cybersecurity startup Hunters has successfully secured a significant Series C funding round amounting to $68 million. Hunters is at the forefront of assisting enterprises in replacing traditional Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions with its advanced tools. Given the heightened sense of urgency in the market, it comes as no surprise that investors are eager to support companies like Hunters. This funding will enable Hunters to aggressively pursue the tremendous opportunity at hand and establish a strong presence before this window of opportunity closes. The presence of strategic investors such as Databricks, Cisco Ventures in this round, and Snowflake Ventures in the previous round further reinforces the significance and potential of Hunters' approach. With plans to develop a sales strategy similar to its successful partnership with Snowflake, Hunters is well-positioned to further expand its market presence and drive innovation in the cybersecurity landscape.

2021. Torq raises $50M for its no-code security automation platform

Torq, formerly known as StackPulse, is a security automation startup that operates on a no-code principle, and it has recently secured a $50 million Series B funding round. While no-code and low-code platforms have gained significant popularity, they are less common in the security domain. Torq, however, stands out by offering an intuitive graphical interface that enables security teams to automate routing workflows across various security products. Some notable organizations, including NS1, eToro, Armis, and, are already leveraging Torq's platform. While Torq shares similarities with Microsoft Power Automate in terms of workflow automation, it distinguishes itself by placing a strong emphasis on security.

2021. Tines raises $26M for its no-code security automation platform

Tines, an automation platform that operates without the need for coding, has successfully secured a Series B funding round of $26 million. Tines is dedicated to empowering frontline employees by enabling them to prioritize essential business tasks and enhance their overall well-being. By automating manual workflows and increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and engagement of existing teams, Tines aims to alleviate the burden of mundane tasks, commonly known as 'busy work.' The primary objective is to liberate analysts from the time-consuming nature of repetitive responsibilities, allowing them to redirect their efforts towards areas where they can make the most significant impact. Tines offers a wide range of pre-configured integrations with various business and security tools, and advanced users have the flexibility to connect with virtually any API, providing a comprehensive solution for diverse automation needs.

2019. Cybersecurity automation startup Tines scores $4.1M

Tines, a startup based in Dublin, has secured $4.1 million in Series A funding. Tines specializes in enabling companies to automate specific aspects of their cybersecurity operations. By automating repetitive manual tasks typically encountered by security analysts, Tines allows them to redirect their focus towards other critical responsibilities. The company achieves this by employing six software "agents" that serve as versatile building blocks. Regardless of the specific process being automated, a combination of these six agent types, configured in various ways, can replicate the desired workflow.