Security Automation software

2022. Hunters raises $68M for its security operations platform

Cybersecurity startup Hunters has raised a $68 million Series C round. Hunters is helping enterprises replace traditional Security and Information Event Management (SIEM) solutions with its own tools. Since all of this creates quite a bit of urgency in the market, it’s no surprise that investors want to back companies like Hunters and that Hunters needs this funding to aggressively pursue this opportunity before this window closes. That’s also likely why we’re seeing so many strategic investors in Hunters, with Databricks and Cisco Ventures in this round and Snowflake Ventures in the previous one. As May noted, the plan here, especially with Databricks, is to build a sales motion similar to its partnership with Snowflake.

2021. Torq raises $50M for its no-code security automation platform

Torq, the no-code security automation startup formerly known as StackPulse, has raised a $50 million Series B. No-code/low-code platforms are obviously all the rage these days, though we tend to see fewer of them in the security space. Torq, which counts the likes of NS1, eToro, Armis and among its users, uses an easy-to-use graphical interface to help security teams automate routing workflows across security products. In that respect, it’s not that different from Microsoft Power Automate, but with a singular focus on security.

2021. Tines raises $26M for its no-code security automation platform

Tines, a no-code automation platform, has raised a $26 million Series B funding round. Tines is on a mission to allow frontline employees to focus on more business-critical tasks and improve their wellbeing by reducing the burden of ‘busy work’ by helping automate any manual workflow and making existing teams more efficient, effective, and engaged. The idea here is to free analysts from spending time on routine repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on those areas where they can have the most impact. The tools features pre-configured integrations with a variety of business and security tools, but for more sophisticated users, it also features the ability to hook into virtually any API.

2019. Cybersecurity automation startup Tines scores $4.1M

Tines, a Dublin-based startup that lets companies automate aspects of their cybersecurity, has raised $4.1 million in Series A funding. Tines automates many of the repetitive manual tasks faced by security analysts so they can focus on other high-priority work. Tines lets companies automate parts of their manual security processes with the help of six software “agents,” with each acting as a multipurpose building block. Therefore, regardless of the process being automated, it only requires combinations of these six agent types configured in different ways to replicate a particular workflow.