Top 10: Employee Performance Management software

Updated: November 17, 2022

Some of the most popular employee performance management software options are listed below.

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2021. Jedox raises $100M to expand its financial modeling and analytics software to more verticals

Jedox, a German startup that builds tools to help companies with their financial planning and analysis using data sourced from basic documents like Excel spreadsheets, has picked up a funding of over $100M. The company’s software was originally built to work on-premises or in the cloud, and mainly oriented toward financial planners. Over the last several years, Jedox has expanded that to a wider set of adjacent users, specifically in HR planning and procurement, and the plan with this funding is to expand Jedox’s applicability into an even wider set of use cases and verticals.

2019. 15Five raised $30.7M to expand its employee development toolkit

15Five, which builds software and services to help organisations and their employees evaluate their performance, as well as set and meet goals, has closed a Series B round of $30.7 million, money that it plans to use to continue building out the functionality of its core product — self-evaluations that take “15 minutes to write, 5 minutes to read” — as well as expand into new services that will sit alongside that. At the same time that 15Five works on productizing these principles into software form, it seems that the secondary idea will be to bring in more services and coaching into the mix alongside 15Five’s existing SaaS model. 15Five’s approach is to create a focus on building an easy way for employees to think about and set goals for themselves on a regular basis.

2017. Zenefits added performance management tool

HR management service Zenefits launched a new performance tracking tool for employees, which has been built in-house as it looks to pick off niches on its effort to become a one-stop shop for HR in small businesses. That includes reviews, goals, and will eventually also incorporate check-ins and peer reviews. At smaller companies, these may often seem to be oversights or afterthoughts, but Zenefits seems to want to streamline the process and introduce these kinds of sophisticated corporate behaviors into smaller businesses.

2015. Cloud business intelligence service Adaptive Insights gets $75M

Adaptive Insights, that sells cloud-based services to finance and other management teams to model a company’s performance and other business intelligence, has raised $75 million in funding. Adaptive Insights is considered one of the leaders in the area referred to as “corporate performance management” (or CPM for short, which is only confusing if Adaptive’s kind of CPM is used by an online advertising team looking to improve their CPMs). The rise of cloud computing and big data services used by non-technical people gave the company an opening to offer its services out to a wider swathe of people in the business organization, who were at the same time demanding more data products to help with their decision making.