Online Billing software

2018. Stripe launched online billing tool

Stripe is launching a billing product for online businesses. That’ll allow them to handle subscription recurring revenue, as well as invoicing, within the Stripe platform and get everything all in the same place. The goal was to replace a previously hand-built setup, whether using analog methods for invoicing or painstakingly putting together a set of subscription tools, and make that experience as seamless as charging for products on Stripe. This launch is, in part, a response to customers demanding a billing product that gets all these invoices and subscription expenses into a single spot. Stripe at its heart is an enterprise company, which means it has to keep close tabs on the needs of its customers while still balancing the needs to continue creating new products that small businesses didn’t realize would actually solve those problems in an elegant way.

2009. Zuora released Z-billing 2.0

A year after introducing their product to the market, Zuora, the online billing solution for SaaS vendors, have just released Z-billing 2.0. It provides 33 new features to increase revenues. With more billing, pricing and payment options that can be tailored to fit specific market segments, Z-Billing 2.0 makes it possible for companies to respond to market changes by offering services at the right price and terms. More mass updating tools, auto-sync capabilities, and workflow enable customers to streamline business operations. More integration options to websites, provisioning, accounting, CRM, and payments systems connect all business operations systems seamlessly. Z-Billing 2.0’s logging and tracking capabilities provide automatic audit trails for compliance and security needs.

2009. NetSuite takes on with SuiteCloud

One of the main Salesforce competitors, Netsuite - also decided to play platform games. Last week Netsuite announced the launch of its PaaS (Platform as a Service) solution SuiteCloud - the alternative to In general, they haven't invented anything new. SuiteCloud - is an online infrastructure for business applications that allows to integrate them with the basic on-demand Netsuite solutions: CRM, ERP and E-Commerce. It provides developers with the computing resources of Netsuite's cloud, tools for building applications, online billing, as well as an app store, where they can be sold and bought. But the most valuable part for third party developers is NetSuite's customer base that they can target with their applications.

2009. FreshBooks - online billing for small business

There are a lot of online billing services on the Web and each offers its own mix of usability and applicability to a business. But if you're looking for something simple that will make it easy to monitor your billing cycles, FreshBooks is a good place to start. FreshBooks makes it simple to manage clients, projects, and most importantly, invoices. The tool generates recurring invoices and automatically bills customers. And it's relatively affordable: you can pay nothing if you need basic invoicing or pay up to $149 per month if you want more employees to access the account. Aside from being able to import from and export to QuickBooks and CSV files, the tool automatically integrates with payment processing solutions like PayPal and its design makes completing your invoicing tasks quick and easy.But the most useful feature is its tracking. If you're using a crude system for billing, you probably have some trouble remembering when or if you were paid. FreshBooks eliminates that issue and provides a menu pane showing outstanding payments and historical payments so you know when money is coming in. And if you're worried about the look of your invoice, you can customize it any way you'd like and even input your company logo.

2008. Intuit launches QuickBooks Online Edition

Intuit is the biggest player in the accounting software space, its QuickBooks product having massive following in the SMB space with over three millions users. QuickBooks Online Edition (QBOE) is its response to the growing popularity of web-based and online accessible offerings. Available now for several years, QBOE has had slow, but steady, uptake. QBOE does some of the major things that businesses need. It's got full double-entry accounting, allowing for correct balance sheets, profit and loss statements and trial balances to be run from it. The starting point for QBOE is the home screen. Unlike other online accounting apps which try and depict a "dashboard view" is where their business is at, the QBOE home screen is more a process diagram, showing a workflow style diagram that allows the user to dive into different functional area of the accounting system. The Basic edition covers the bare essentials - accounts receivable, expense tracking and check printing, arguably quite limited functionality for $10 a month. The Plus version adds estimates and invoice customisations, time tracking, recurrent billing, budgeting and online billing to the mix.

2008. Zuora Raises Another $15 Million For Integrated Online Billing And Payment Solution

Zuora, an SaaS startup that offers online services to manage and automate customer subscriptions and payments, has raised $15 million in a second round of funding from Shasta Ventures and Lehman Brothers Venture Partners, Venturebeat reports. The company had previously raised $6.5 million from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and Benchmark Capital (who also participated in this round), bringing the total of funding to $21.5 million. When Zuora launched its online billing solution last May, we wrote the company aims to alleviate the need for online businesses to develop their own billing systems, especially to handle recurring payments like those associated with subscriptions.