Graph Analytics platforms

Updated: July 30, 2023

Graph Analytics platforms are powerful tools that enable organizations to analyze and extract valuable insights from complex and interconnected data structures, such as graphs and networks. These specialized platforms leverage graph algorithms and advanced data processing techniques to uncover hidden patterns, relationships, and trends within the data. Graph Analytics platforms are particularly useful for analyzing social networks, supply chains, fraud detection, recommendation systems, and other scenarios involving intricate relationships between data points. With the ability to handle large-scale datasets, these platforms empower businesses to make data-driven decisions, optimize processes, and detect anomalies more effectively. By leveraging Graph Analytics platforms, organizations can gain a deeper understanding of their data, identify critical connections, and unlock valuable insights, ultimately leading to improved operational efficiency and better decision-making in today's complex and interconnected world. Graph Analytics are analytic tools used to determine strength and direction of relationships between objects in a graph. The focus of graph analytics is on pairwise relationship between two objects at a time and structural characteristics of the graph as a whole.

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2021. TigerGraph raises $105M for its enterprise Graph Analytics platform

TigerGraph, a well-funded enterprise startup specializing in providing a graph database and analytics platform, has announced the successful completion of a $105 million Series C funding round. Esteemed organizations such as Amgen, Citrix, Intuit, Jaguar Land Rover, and UnitedHealth Group are among TigerGraph's current clientele. Leveraging a SQL-like query language called GSQL, these customers can effectively store and rapidly query their graph databases using the company's services. The foundation of TigerGraph's offerings is its TigerGraphDB database and analytics platform. Additionally, the company offers a hosted service called TigerGraph Cloud, featuring pay-as-you-go pricing and available on either AWS or Azure. To further enhance user experience, TigerGraph provides GraphStudio, a graphical user interface that facilitates the creation of data models and visual analysis.